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  • Hiya Hun, apologies I literally just saw the message you left me! I can see heatherp left a message for you (I'm actually in Folkestone :) ) and I'm going up with her. I eventually booked a double room because they had no twin rooms left! Thank you for the offer though it was very kind of you :) Xxx
    Hi purple rose, verdy purdy from broadstairs wanted to share with me but im already sharing, could you email and ask her??

    H xx
    I got the Konad deal aswell... not the £200 the £40 to try it out. What else did you get? I got more Gelish and 6 Artistic colours, purses to sell and I think that was it xx
    ah didnt we tell ya it was fab! Honestly, I would never have started training in it if I didnt love it as much as I do! Something else alright!
    Skint.. me and the girls were too, but its all so worth it, what amazing deals! I picked up a konad deal too that was a bargain.
    You can contact me whenever you like, you have my details xx
    Hi, its lovely to be able to now put a face to a name! Very nice to meet you yesterday, I hope it didnt tire you out too much... I was shattered by the end of the day! xx
    I walked past there yesterday and noticed it has opened up again, I will def pop in and say hello it must be great to be back up and running, well if you ever fancy having your lashes done, you know Im close by because I have to say, I love doing them lol. Im always in the high street so will pop in for a catch up, hope all goes well and business is booming, take care and speak soon, Claudia x
    Hiya, just seen you are in Billericay, so am I, are you in the High street? I solely specialise in Semi Perm Eyelash Extensions and am homebased, I cant believe how many geeks are from Billericay, anyway, would love to hear from you, where you work and what you specialise in, love Claudia xx
    Mine are dark anyway so guess it may not be worth it lol!!! Your prices are good though better than the lady ive had come to me before! x
    Well ive been thinking about it for my hols!! I know this will sound daft but does it look good and will it mean i dont need masacra? How much do you charge hun? i also need my eyebrows waxing badly? x
    Ive used Akzentz didnt like it to be honest!! Im the opposite to you i hate doing gel ive never really got on with it but love acrylic!! Yer you can pactise on me if you like i dont mind hun! Business is good its taken a while but im building up a nice little client base. I know you do waxing but do you eye lash tinting? x
    Hi hun im fine how are you? Yes is still use NSI i love it tryed a few other brands but still come back to NSI Have a look on this site its fab Nail Angel: Login Hows business for you are you busy? xx
    hi Sascha, hope you well. Yes I am doing Shellac now, its seems great! Let me know some good dates for you xxx
    Hi there

    I have just logged on here for the first time in ages and see this message.

    We would be the nearest to you in Watford.
    Have a look at our website NCO London - professional nail care products & training and also NCO London NAILS on facebook.

    We do also have our own salon, so you can always take a visit there or come to the cash & carry & have a demo done.

    If you have any questions, you can email me direct at the office info@ncolondon.com

    argh thanks hun.i have used both akzentz and nsi gels but i only really used akzentz because nsi didnt do an opaque gel.akzentz do a warm and cool where as nsi only do a cool but there warm should be out in a few weeks.acrylic is definately harder for me and i am not where i should be with my smile lines for that system so i know what you mean,lol.thanks again.xx
    It was good fun ! Because I work free lance it always helps seeing other peoples work too. What did you think ?
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