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    Attaching Rhinestones to 9 year old

    do you use gelbond? i find it's quite good for stones, cos as you say you can play around a bit with the positioning, before it dries
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    Has a client ever fallen asleep on you?

    :eek: feeling a bit quesey at the thought..... it's my boyfriend's very prudish old fashioned mum!! :lol:
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    retired lady wanting gel enhancements,what should I do?

    hello!, my gran who's 75 and all her mates who are the same age or older from the WRVS have got l&p or gel on!!! i've got my own little gang of wrinklies!!! lol!!! each set is different tho, some have got nno some have got tips, so long as you figure which type of enhancment is going to suit...
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    Has a client ever fallen asleep on you?

    i have clients falling asleep all the time, i have one who falls asleep being waxed!!!! i mean good god how is that possible??!!!! my mum always falls asleep on my nail desk every single time i do her nails, i find a gentle whack on the head with my file tends to bring her back to the land of...
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    To soak off or not to soak off?

    i would prefer to see them first. i had a client exactly the same a couple of months ago, who told me there were discoloured lines in the pink, when i saw them it was where the other tech hadn't gotten rid of all the lifting before infilling, which had led to pocket lifting on some of them, and...
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    Do you mind clients watching you?

    what an excellent idea!! lol!!!:lol:
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    Do i or don't i?

    thank you! i'll take it with me tomorrow and if she wants to let me do the tan with my products and her pay me then that's fine. but i'm going to let her use it with her stuff.. thanks for your help!
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    Best thing invented

    i work in a leisure centre as a receptionist and lifeguard....this behaviour is not uncommon!! BLEURGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! :green: :eek: the other ones are the women who come out of the changing rooms with a front wedgie! and the little old men with see thru white speedo's with a baggy bum that...
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    Do i or don't i?

    hello just wanted to know what you lot would do! i rent a treatment room 4 days a week in my local leisure centre where i also work as a receptionist and lifeguard, and then i work all day friday in a salon. my boss from the salon has just text me and asked me if she can borrow my spray...
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    What are you giving your other half for Chistmas?

    i've got mine a sword!!!! a life sized replica of arwen's sword from the lord of the rings. £30 off ebay including postage and package, really good quality!.....BARGAIN!!!:biggrin:
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    Best thing invented

    best thing ever invented..... .... BOG ROLL!!!!! just imgine doing people's nails if bog roll hadn't been invented!!:Scared:
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    Are you for Capital Punishment?

    :eek: Bloody hell!! i only read the first 2 pages and i thought i'd be putting my foot in it!!!!!
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    Are you for Capital Punishment?

    yep indeedy. i've always thought that people who have been proved without a doubt to have done something so vile and evil as to rape and murder someone for example should be used to test the new vaccines etc on, at least then they would be giving something back to society. IMO of course don't...
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    Hormone's sooooo true!! lol!

    :lol: Subject: HORMONE HOSTAGE The Hormone Hostage knows that there are days in the month when all a man has to do is open his mouth and he takes his very life into his own hands. This is a handy guide that should be as common as a driving licence in the wallet for every husband...