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  • Hi Rach, How are you?
    I'm situated in Braintree and completed my training with Karen who's also in Chelmsford.
    In the process of practising and trying to get things up and running, (problem is I work full time at the moment in accounts),

    love Ali xx
    Hi Rach, Sorry i haven't been lookin at the "show us your artistic flair" thread so i just caught your comment, Thankyou! :)
    I used nsi technailcolour kit (mixable coloured acrylic) :hug:
    Hi Rach,
    The glitter is from IBD's Black Tie Collection - just mixed it with clear polymer. Thanks for noticing it, its appreciated.
    That would be great, I went to St John Payne (poor me). I used to spend so much time in Chelmsford, but when I went back a few years ago it had changed sooooooo much I did'nt recognise anything, and got toally lost, tee hee.

    Trish xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    The shoes in your picture look really nice do you know where they are from? I'm looking for wedges just that colour.... x
    We huddled round the fire, it was an awful nights' sleep so if you can get some heaters in that will help as you can sleep in the bed then not fall off on to the floor when the sofa bed bit falls to one side! It's so funny! Have a great weekend, try walking round the mere it's a nice walk. xxx
    Hi the duckies are really cute aren't they!? I will miss them when I move house but I think it will be better for them as I'm having to keep the cat in at the moment - he shoots straight over to the nest when I let him outside! I'm so cross with him! Hope you're ok xx
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