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    Pro Beauty FREE Master Classes!

    Still waiting to be able to view the online masterclasses from Pro Beauty Excel!! Has anyone had any luck with this yet?
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    Could mobile/freelance work without own transport?

    How about joining up with another therapist for joint bookings or pamper parties? You could share the cost of petrol etc
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    Professional beauty ExCel, what did you think?

    I believe this was the case also, as the very few babies i saw (single figures) all had pro beauty passes with company names - so i presume they had just come to both shows or had no one to babysit. I did get my ticket posted, and had no problems getting through the doors at 10am - no queue...
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    Professional beauty ExCel, what did you think?

    Well i really enjoyed it. Its a nice day out just once a year, i thought the masterclasses were great - the main reason i go. Yes, there weren't as many stalls as last year but all the non-pro stalls had gone apart from a couple. I only saw a couple of pushchairs too - a great reduction on...
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    Pro Beauty FREE Master Classes!

    Rachel, Will all the masterclasses be available to view online after the show? There are soo many to choose from - i hope i can watch them if i miss any!! thanks Rachel
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    Professional Beauty goes .... well Professional

    Kelly - im definately going...not sure if by train or car yet!:)
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    Xmas dinner - time table

    Hostess trolleys are brill! I have borrowed the mother in laws in the past - but will definately buy one when i have more room. I prepare everything the day before, you can peel and chop your potatoes, you can freeze fresh veg in advance (parsnips, carrots etc) if you blanch them first. Or...
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    Professional Beauty goes .... well Professional

    As i recall last year, lots of members of the public were coming in from the baby show that was also on in excel - hence the £40 on the door should deter these people. I am going along this year as i enjoy the day out, looking at new products and i mainly go for the workshops.:)
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    The ~Official~ Strictly Come Dancing Thread

    I do wish John had gone this week too, as the other celebrities have improved so much and don't deserve to be in the dance off. I thought Jodie and Ian were fab this week!:)
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    Potential Nail Masterclasses for Excel - Views Please

    That would be great as i am hoping to attend Sunday and Monday but cant make it on the Tuesday.
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    Eyelash perming

    Sallys in Chelmsford or try Salon Express in Chelmsford too. There's also Phoenix Beauty School in Chelmsford, i know they do it too.
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    Anyone need a part time nail tech?

    Hi Jenni, I have seen an advert for a nail technician in Chelmsford. It was at a tanning/beauty salon in the town centre. I will see if it still there tomorrow. Rachel x
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    Part-Time Evening Hairdressing Courses

    Have you tried searching on or your local colleges?
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    10 years of dandruff

    Apologies if my reply came across as trying to diagnose - this wasn't how it was meant to come across. I just meant that i know a lot of people with Psoriasis - family and friends, so have a fair understanding of it. My mum regularly sees the skin consultant at her local hospital rather than...
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    10 years of dandruff

    Have you eliminated psoriasis? It does sound like it could be this. My mum has had psoriasis for many years and regularly sees the skin specialist at her hospital.