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  • hi< just wondered if the tan machine is till for sale any more info and how much please x
    Thanks for the picture comment. Everyone needs Night Reflection it is really beautiful, the picture doesn't do it justice really! xx
    hiya babe, just thinking of you the other day, you havent stalked me recently. lol.
    i use the white element gel to replace the tip. its nica n opaque and bright as a white tip.
    luuuuurved my pressie, you can stalk me any time !
    glad youre getting on ok with the powder gel. file off the top layer and you will notice a slight change in the texture . then soak nails in acetone for 5 mins and file again. it doesnt soak off like l/p but the acetone really softens it and it files away easily. repeat soak and file process until its gone.
    Hi there yes this can be done with your client sitting on a chair, but your comfort and saftey has to be taking into account, do not go over stretching your back
    whoah, that was a bit of a birthday treat then, you should come to northampton more often!!!. what was he like ???
    glad your nails are o.k, i always worry when i do another techs nails, especially if they are geeks. had a nice time with you and enjoyed your company, you were fun.
    hope you enjoyed the rest of your birthday.
    susan xx
    Hi Rachel,
    if you could mail me your addy I will happily send you out an EOS sample
    Best regards
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