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    Gelish dip process?

    From what I have seen you need to apply activator again after buffing then 2x top coats so this might stop it being dull? I've got mine to try out later today x
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    Christmas offers

    That sounds a bit wrong actually
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    Christmas offers

    Don't forget those festive fingers?
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    Best microblading pigments?

    What pigments do you lovely microbladers prefer? I have trained with Epibrow but they only have 2 and I am wanting to try others as they are just too dark for some clients. xx
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    Feel like such a failure

    A lot of people use "Shellac" as a generic term for gel manicures. It may be that a Gelish or similar top coat was applied and that needs buffing prior to removal to break the seal. This allows the remover to permeate to the colour and start the removal process.
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    Toe nail dilemma!

    Perhaps ask her to send a photo? If there is some nail to work with you can do an extension - either sculpt or use a tip to add a platform then using acrylic or gel you can create the new nail. Keep it thin and flat, no apex for strength needed.
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    Clients sending you texts not meant for you!

    I had one - L'oreal excellence natural golden brown. Clover Crisps Red and green milk I like to go the extra mile but draw the line at going to Tesco for a client! She text to apologise bless her!
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    Nouvatan-No response

    Email must have got lost - I ordered from them today online and got a phone call within minutes to say that one item isn't in stock and would I be happy to wait for everything to be delivered at the same time or needed things earlier. Always been happy with the customer service - give them a...
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    Pop Up Tanning Cubicle or Static Booth?

    I use an inflatable pop up tent and an extractor unit. The tent is machine washable! The Inflatable Tan In Tent by Sunless Solutions BV600 SolarEx Mobile Spray Tan Extractor - Nouvatan
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    Offers for June?

    I do a holiday package of Gelish or Shellac fingers and toes and a tan for £50 - a saving of up to £22 and takes me around 90 mins xx
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    Clients & payments

    So glad she paid up!! Unfortunately people don't realise how annoying it is to wait for payment. My husband is a music teacher and people often "forget" to bring their payment with them. Then he has to chase them more than once to get them to pay up. The amount they owe is a small...
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    I want to be a nail tech, help

    Welcome - you have come to the right place for advice!! I would definitely choose a product based learning course, either Shellac with CND or Gelish with Nail Harmony. Check out Courses and Nail Harmony UK | Education xx
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    Telling clients you're pregnant

    Congratulations! Personally I wouldn't announce on Facebook but thats just me. I would tell your clients face to face on their next appointment. Make sure you have a plan of action in mind - people are selfish and a lot of peoples first thought will be "who will do my nails!!". If you have...
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    Gelish colours

    Always buy from Harmony UK - anywhere else is not guaranteed to be genuine, will invalidate your insurance and when you work out cost per service only saves pence anyway. xx
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    Gelish colours

    I have it and must admit avoid it if I can! I used the Sweet Morning Dew today and it has to be put on really thin, at least 2 streaky coats before a third to even it out. A definite thin to win colour xx