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  • Hi Rachel
    Do you still do the Eyelash Extension Training? I have a new girl starting and she needs to do a course so she is valid for insurance,

    please email me at

    Best wishes

    Sorry but it isn't quite what my friend is looking for efile wise but I will keep my ears open if anyone else is interested.
    oh Hello Rachel, Its a Eve-&-Touch 7 got 10 sanding band cylinders,1 mandrel 3/32"shaft, 2 stone drill bits 3/32"shaft 1 drill bits insert & extraction toll,coiled connecting cord, Eve-&-Touch 7 carrying case & control unit, precision engineered Eve-&-Touch hand piece. Have you got picture phone could send you a pic,
    hey huni :), where was u sitting then terrible with names?:confused:
    my ef is brand new still boxed I payed £120 for it asking £85,still wont get me money back but its just sittng in the cupboard:cry: x
    Hi ya, the colours i used for the flowers was from the garden festival 1 collection.....its a fab collection as it has loadsa diff flower colours iykwim......and thankyou for your comment on my pictures xxxxx haze x
    Hi, yes it is nice to meet people in the flesh I love getting together with other techs to play nails. xx
    hey hun i joined safe salons today, i had victoria come in hopefully i will be getting involved as well its all very exciting isn't it xx
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