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    Last minute cancellations rant!

    I'm mobile - but I have to say I'm quite lucky that I get very few cancellations - I had one client who bkd every sat in May/ June for a blow dry and cancelled every single one either on the day or the night before!!😁other than that one of my clients was going to go dark and had a change...
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    Ooh, new app!

    It's so weird isn't it !! Lol - I am just finding my way thru it now x funny how we get so used to things being one way! Change is good x
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    Lowlights on bleached hair

    I always use wella colour touch 6/7 is my preferred shade as it does fade slightly more to the 7/7 esp on very blonde hair xx
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    Serious back pain, anyone suffer?

    Tks I will look into it xx
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    Serious back pain, anyone suffer?

    Strong core Definately helps as my yoga teacher will always say that , I try and do at least 5 mins every morning and evening .i love yoga but have never done Pilates - those who have done both would u recommend Pilates more than yoga? Tks x
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    Best salon suitable footwear?

    Going to try this!!! Tks
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    Serious back pain, anyone suffer?

    This sounds amazing - glad it is working for u xx
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    T-Section help!

    I do the same as u - but on average how many foils would u use per t bar ? And half head??tks 😊
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    Serious back pain, anyone suffer?

    It actually is so sh.. As today I was cooking dinner and couldn't get into the back of the own cupboard for a lid !! I can't empty the dishwasher , picking things up off the floor is agony !! Fight for it .... We are too soft !! My problem is after losing friends and family to cancer I always...
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    Best salon suitable footwear?

    I have these - I'm a hairdresser - really comfy but hate to say it 😔😔smelly feet ! Always wore the ballerina style crocs before and they are much better ,u can throw the sketchers in the wShing machine !
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    Serious back pain, anyone suffer?

    Really ?? That's awful that he won't refer u !especially with it bring genetic - keep fighting it!
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    Serious back pain, anyone suffer?

    I feel your pain ! 😭😭in agony too / am waiting for an x ray on mine to see as it's so bad! Have tried physio, osteopath, acupuncture / personally for me they work for so long then back is so bad I'm back to square one! Living on anti inflammatorys , painkillers and hot water...
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    Wella lowlights

    7.73 or 6.7 is also a fave x
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    Can't stop laughing at this!

    Ha ha brilliant !!
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    Make-up counter interview, advice needed

    Many moons ago I worked for some of the larger cosmetic houses , ysl was one - they will be looking for u to have well applied make up 😉be bubbly , know that u won't be afraid to "traffic stop" that u can link sell , and that u will enjoy ur job - so if u like make up and skin care like...