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  • Hiya! I've only used it once to be honest as everyone has been wanting Gelish as opposed to enhancements in the run up to xmas! It seemed much better than what I was using, although after 2 weeks there was some lifting...although that would probably be me as I've only done a handful of sets. Have you used it any more? I need to get advertising for models for enhancements! x
    Hi rachy face.... Ha!! I'm addicted now! Although there are alot more nail geeks than hair I think!! X
    My problem is that most of my friends have L&P so they really want me to do it! I've got a set to do on Friday, so I'm hoping the Fusion arrives for that. Will let you know! x
    Hiya, I saw your post on the Harmony group about Fusion and just wondered how you got on with it? I've just ordered a trial kit as I currently use Millennium and have lost all confidence in being able to produce a decent set that will last!
    Hi there, thanks so much for your lovely comment on my lashes xx.
    I trained with abx (I-Lash) in jan 2005, but have since trained with pretty much most of the big companies lol. Im a course addict! You will love learning lashes, its a fab treatment. if I can help at all, feel free to ask xx
    Hi Rach, I did my tinting course through caledinian therapy in Glasgow. It is sufficiant for insurance as accredited with one of the big companies. It is really easy to do, so no worries with course content.
    I don't do loads of tinting, but it does come in handy to be able too if required xxx
    Hi RachFace,

    Hope your well. I think you might be the closest to me as I cannot find anyone who offers Shellac in Mill Hill area. Do you work from home or are you mobile? What do you charge for a manicure and Pedi using shellac?


    Hi Racheal, Thanks for that. I went with Salon Serve a show offer with glass tops ,2 cupboards and i draw. They have been fab. x
    Thanks for the rep luv, please come for a visit if you ever come north of the border :) xxx
    ask away hunny xx hope you are getting on well with your nails after your foundation course with ketan and rheah xx fab people xx brisa is afab product to work with and i love it xx
    Hiya. Sorry doll I am not sure what plates I have I am on holiday now) need to check what I have when I get back)
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