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  • Hey thanks for that advice u gave me about my manis taking ages, it worked and I've got it down from 2hrs to 1hr 20 mins. Thank you soooo much. I feel much more confident now & not such a loser!! xxx
    hiya hun i live in Queensbury not far from you at all and looking for service swops if your still looking xx
    Hi, I notic eyou are from halifax. I'm from Bradford, fairweather Green. I f you ever want to go to s2 in Leeds, maybe you could come to Bradfrod & then we can share petrol costs to Leeds.
    Just a question how much does it cost to advertise in the Go Local as i am quite interested thanks x
    Oo yea well if you need any help and i'm free let me know would love to. Well i've just posted price lists around my village which has worked well, its just finding the time to post them because it does take a while. x
    I'm in the go local, I have two parties booked in... One which I May need help with if you're interested? It's not a definate yet though. I'm on facebook, it's really slow.. I'm just thinking it's going to be word of mouth the most, but I might rent a chair somewhere on a Saturday or something x
    Hi! I'm just setting up mobile over the last few months. From triangle. Where are you from and work? Xx
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