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  • Hello fellow spa therapist! :) thanks for your comment on my thread about high staff turnover. Can't believe it! I've been there a month and already 4 people have left including someone who started the same time as me! 7 years is awesome! I hope I can have that much experience under my belt one day :)xx
    hey, added you as a friend, just in case I can help any, not sure the reason behind the private blog, but guesing you could be doing with some friends xxxxxx
    awwww thank you for the message hun! had a truly wonderful day. hope your ok love n hugs xxxx
    Aww no I hope you are feeling better now :hug: Thanks for your input with the business name, I've been considering Pinks Beautique as well, but apparently it would be just as bad as using Pinks Boutique cuz it sounds like a 'copy' name... grrr I guess I'll just have to speak to a solicitor! lol. I love Blossoms Beauty that sounds really nice and feminine... good luck with it all & moving house and let me know how it goes!! xx
    What did you settle on in the end hun? Did you manage to get 'blossom' in there? xx
    I'm good thanks, how about you?
    Ok... The colloidal masque!
    It can be used without steam and will still work. The steam helps to release the beta glucan, giving it more effectiveness, but use the colloidal activator with it (this is like a booster of beta glucan) and you'll be fine.
    Make sure you use a piece of gauze under the masque otherwise it will be a nightmare. When you are ready to remove simply curl round the bottom edges and roll it up as you remove. There will be a poultice like residue left on the skin, you can gently rub this in for a lasting result.
    I'd suggest having a practice on a friend before on a client.

    Products to add to the mobile kit:
    soothing eye make up remover
    Enzyme peel exfoliator and/or bio cream exfoliant
    Clearing massage oil and soothing massage oil (for use on the shoulders and neck in the massage or for European massage rather than using the 1-5 blends for pressure point massage)

    I'd stick with those for now with the mobile kit, then you can see how you get on with it all.

    Hope that helps you

    Matt. X
    Hi there,
    l don't know if you can help me. Im wondering what to charge for creating life like flowers and leaves etc with acrylic nail art paints. Do I charge per nail or per how many colors I use?? Any advice would be great!! Its an add on service for nail enhancement clients. Tried to search the forum for info but no luck:eek: Do you know anybody that does this service? Help
    Hi Rachel! RE: the snow castles. We had a blast making them. Add some colored water in spray bottles and kids can't resist. Something fun to do on a winter day.

    Hope all is well with you! :hug:
    Thanks for the info, I think i'll contact NSI. I'll keep an eye on your album for inspiration.;) XX
    Hope you are keeping well and not too snowed in! It is snowing outside the office at the moment (just taking a 5 minute break lol) so I will probably leave before it gets too late today...
    Hi Rach. Thank you for your lovely message on my visitor page. Am keeping OK thanks apart from being ludicrously busy! I have been doing some software consultancy work in an office just over 30 miles away from home since early September, which is taking most of my time up during the week (I usually get up at between 6 and 6.30 in the morning, geek in bed until 7 ish, leave the house betwen around 7 and 7.45 and get to the office between about 7.45 and 8.45 depending on what time I leave home and how busy the traffic is, then leave work at between 5 and 6, usually getting back home between 6 and 7, chilling out and geeking until 10 ish and then crashing out for the night).
    I had Lisa Bold for level 1 then Helen for level 2 and Theresa for theory! I thought Helen was great, I nearly didn't pass my level 2 coz I was quite ill and missed a lot, but Helen, Lisa Jonstone and Marianne helped me loads and I passed :)
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