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Ragdoll >^..^<

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  • Happy Birthday - Hope you're not too depressed about turning 40... it's my turn next year Eeeekkk!! how did that happen? :lol: .. have a fab day!
    Aaah it's been a while since I had a peep in your album... absolutely Beautiful work.. you have an amazing talent :hug:
    ooowww how cute they are, ohh id just love to be a breeder all those kitties. Tee Tee (poshcats thea) was from a breeder in Telford, Shropshire, maybe youve heard of her, he is a seal colourpoint. I think he is in touch with his feminine side too much though cos he calls all the time, real loud like a howl/baby crying! ha ha x
    Hi! ive got a ragdoll too! his name is Tee Tee he is 7 years old, dont ya just looovee em!! xx
    :oHi, I am sooo sorry I have only just seen your comment on my art work. Either that or I am totally losing it and have replied in a pm like last year when you posted this. Ooo goldfish and my memory belong in the same sentence.

    If I haven't then thank you. Corel Painter X is a graphics programme/software. Like MS Paint except more complex and with more tools.
    Erm, picked it, then again, then again, then again!!! It actually never hurt!!! xxx
    Hi hun, how are you? Wasn't sure whether to msg you here or FB!!! Was wondering if there's anything you can do for my toenail?! (Take a look at my pic on my profile!!!) :eek: xxx
    Hi had to send you a message after seeing your pic. I have two Ragdolls one aged 5 and one 14 weeks, they are just the best cats ever. Is this your little one in the pic....?
    Hi babe, her name is Bonnie and she was one of Holly's kittens from last year. she lives in Cornwall now :-( miss them all.
    Well done you xxxx...will have to catch up at some point if not only to see your babies...LOL...see you in Birmingham perhaps..xx
    Thanks for the reply on your thread! I think I would need some expert advice from you before competing!! Might be nice to go though! Will have to discuss with the other half!!! Hope you're well. xxx
    Congratulations.........your nails were worthy winners, I hope your clients with 'salon nails' appreciate you!!!
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