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  • Just seen your thread about your hubby's speeding, and thought I'd let you know that my OH was done before Xmas for exactly the same - 49 in a 30 limit. He's just got 3 points and and a £60 fine, so tell him not panic xxx
    i havent been for some time...used to do it at eastleigh....but that was knocked down.I have been to the venue in southampton,usually on a monday night,but who knows i may pop in on a wednesday night!

    I am still at Grayshott hall,have been threr for about 9 months now!Only work 3 days a week,am looking to rent a room nearby though...have some opportunities,but need to feel right on my own terms now!xxx
    just saw another mo jive geek...i love it,been doing it for 10 years now...it is addictive!
    Of all the nails I have ever seen (and I've seen a lot!!) yours are the most beautiful...I'm sure you know this already.. I would comepete in a hearbeat if I were you x x
    Hi Kate :)
    My cat should have her kittens by the end of next week. We allready know from the vet that it will be around 3 kittens. I know what you mean with the stud having to get it right...ours was all over her besides the spot where he had to be. He got frustrated every time since he sensed that something wasn't quite right. He started miauwing very enoyed every time. But he finally pulled it off :)
    Hope you will have better luck the next time...
    Oz is a Galah, (thats our term for the speicies.. yours may be the correct technical term lmao)

    He lives in the corner of the lounge and tells everyone but my daughter to get F%cked if we go near him.. but for her he dances and shows off!

    she is only 10 so is a bit nervous around her as he has bit her a couple times.. but full credit to her she keeps trying with him.. (from a distance)

    we have one of those cages that he can get in and out of himself.. i cant stand the thought of birds in cages.. so he happily wanders from top perch to cage through out the day.. i close him in at night cause i dont trust the cats!

    he is stick trained and everyday he goes out in the tree at the front.. usually screams at the other birds and swears at them..

    im thinking of getting an african grey, but im not sure how the two will go together.. has yours ever had any trouble with attacking himself? my Oz has been pulling feathers from his chest and attacking his skin till he bleeds.. i changed his diet and took out sun flower seeds.. seems to be better but the vet said he may need prozac for depression..

    i tell ya, he is his own worst enemy, cause we all try so hard with him but he just refuses to try and fit in lol..

    My birdie's name is Ozzy Ozbird.. he is only about 2, little bugger swears like a trooper and head bangs to my music!!

    i love african greys.. i saw a Utube series called Ruby, its about a gorgeous african grey who speaks french and has tourettes!!

    i would love to see pics.. 14 yrs?? omg you must be great mates.. Ozzy hates me but loves/adores my eldest daughter..
    he is a rescue so he was wild... but someone hit him and left him for dead.. i adopted him and he is slowly getting tame..

    Let me know when you are free and i will come over and do your nails for you..thanks for today..deni..x
    hi kate, business is not too bad. Are you going to the open day at creative bleu at gosport on ist june? if you are i will say hello and see if you remember me. i work on home furnishings at m&s, but the day you went in was my saturday off.
    hi kate, you probably dont remember me. i was at college when you did your hairdressing nvq. ihave emailed you before. my name is julie castle, i live in southampton and i do nails from home, i also work in m&s at hedge end.
    Gorgeous nails and beautifull cats! expecting a litter of british shorthair kittens myself ...jippi!! Maybe i could ask you for some advice since it will be the first time experiencing this.
    Once again beautifull work in your albums!
    just left you a message on your thread with a couple of links, hope you feel better soon, if it is a frozen shoulder then your doctor/physio will give you exercises to help ease the pain and loosen your shoulder up. If I can help at all please let me know, I've had it and it's not nice :hug: xxx
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