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  • Yep they are my feet too lol....Which I don't normally show off,
    I even take socks with me in my pocket to put on during my facial's, coz I have to take my shoes off :D
    Thankyou for your comment on my pics lol,
    The "model" is me ...they are my hands :D
    Extended nail beds though :D
    Just seen you are a horsey person too - damn why couldn't we live nearer!
    Awwww thanks hun, my cats are my world, they are my babies. They are all rescue moggies though unlike your pedigrees. If I could I've love Devon or Cornish Rex cats but as all mine have a free run of a cat flap 24/7 a pedigree is out of the question!
    I know what u mean with the pics. I have to get my husband to do them for me...lol. I'm computer stupid...lol.
    Just finding my facebook 'geeks'. So I thought I'd check out ur work. Lovely work........ Tracyxx
    omg rag dolls are lovely,i would get anothere if husband permitted...LOL...korats are blue,have big green eyes and are of oriental origin....not as vocal as siamese though...although they are more dominant than my russians who are very quiet,and more reserved...LOL...check out my pics....rag dolls go doll like when you hold them do they not xx
    hello you have a lovely cat on your avatar,is it a chocolate point burmese or siamese?...i have 4 cats myself,2 korats and 2 russian blues...big cat lover...Gabi xx
    Yeah, that will be nice to see!! I hope I get more too!! Has stopped snowing here now, and starting to melt! :-(
    Thanks, she's coming for a full set of L & P before her holiday as her natural nails have all broke!! Glad you like the room! First comment I've had!! Thanks! xx
    im guessing as you are beauty trained.... could you not get at trade price??.... i think my graftons rep Fiona covers your area too... ill pm you her number if you want me too... she is really helpful :D
    Jess xox
    Wow, excellent! Well I use NSI but only just qualified in Jan. Am working from home too, but just setting up! I have my first proper client next Fri!! Scary!! I have also just qualified in Waxing, which I also love!!!
    OMG, that's scary! I hope he's ok. I'm in Marchwood, the other side of Southampton! Near the forest!! What treatments do you do? xxx
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