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  • Oh yeah the little sprite toys! I had a white one, it got filthy haha :D Its such a great user name you chose well :)
    Hi Rainbow Bright, I hope you don't mind me friend requesting you. I am also moving to Australia this year and thought it would be nice to have someone to talk to about it and how to set up a nail business here :)
    Decided to sell my nail trainer chick if you interested - amended my pot in Geekbay about the EN complete course xx
    Hi Denise, I've only been doing Bio for about 6 months so I'm not a pro by a long shot! It really does depend on the client and the type of nails. For example, I do my mums nails and she is very hard on them, always gardening and cleaning out the fire place etc and she does not wear gloves or anything, however she has very strong non-flexible nails so I do put s-gel on hers as and they stay put for well over a month. I have another client who has very soft and dry nails, and a few weeks ago I made the mistake of putting s-gel on thinking it would strengthen them a bit, they all popped off in less than a week, so I now avoid s-gel on her and just use UV gel. I also used to put s-gel on my own nails and found that generally after about a week I'd have lifting at the free edge, I've now also switched to just UV gel and they last a lot longer. So my steps are:
    - 1 x sculpting gel
    - 2 x colour
    - 1 x UV gel
    The Uv gel is great as its more flexible and also has a really shiny finish so you dont need to use top coat or anything on top. I now only use s-gel really to do sculptures to give the extension some strength.
    Sorry to ramble, hope that helps :)
    Hi ! Id love some info ive been doin Bio for a couple of months .I'm having some problems i saw that you wrote you don't use the s-gel anymore why and what are the steps that your doing ? My promblems is lifting at free edge or breaking on side wall or chipping at the end please help THANKS Denise
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