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  • Haha i know im terrible. I couldn't say without looking at my reciepts. I buy more gels than anything else and wheneve i order my acrylics i never order the same size so thats why i couldn't remember haha
    Hey Raquel I've had one on the phone already. She asked what acrylic system i used and how much it was. I couldn't tell her the price cause i couldn't remember lol The girl who rang had a Liverpool accent x
    hey rachel i think i no who u are lol - did i speak to you outside a little and if it is then nice to meet you to chick. did you have fun at the roadshow :0) x
    Hi Raquel,
    I don't have any teaching qualifications, I was ½ through a teaching course 15 years ago, during the split from my ex he destroyed all my work and asignments, I never retook it up. Pre computers in my house.
    I have my nails and beauty training all done with NSI, I did read on the thread that I can have a NVQ assesment on each subject, I wrote to the girl who said that, so waiting for her advice. Teaching these subjects would be brill if I was able to get into it. My formal education of a degree in fashion and 3 "A" levels. Thanks again, I look forward to hearing from you tomorrow. Love Angela x
    I have read your recent reply to thread on college tutors. I really want to get into this area, what teacing qualifications would I require to do this as a job?
    Thanks in advance.
    Love Angela x
    Thanks M8! I love aibrushing and do both equally well very little diff in my opinion. Sick of peolpe putting it down because of NSS - if it wasnt for NSS I prob wouldnt be a nail tech as I find their work UK & USA quite inspiring in the uniform, one ball application, full salon, affordable way not natural nail damage, unsanitary way!!!
    sounds good the teaching do u enjoy it?..whats the salon name ur in hun..yeah i kno jan was busy too luckily is techs havnt touched the recession had the odd week or 2 which has been quiet but i must say its flown over.ive had a few in from pelaw salon apparently one day the clients went and it was just closed down no warning or scary is that
    ahhh fab not far from me then..thats fantastic about teachin at the college how did u get into that?..buisness is good at the moment..fingers crossed it stays like that..hows buisness with you?...
    Where do you teach at Raquel? I was supposed to be doing a vtct in nail technology but unfortunately the person doing the course wasnt organised and dropped me and a few others in it so to speak. Id love to do an nvq or vtct course but because of what happened it puts me off, and I dont want to waste my time again. Id love to get trained by someone who knows what theyre doing xxx
    Hiya hun nice to meet ya, Hehe noticed how it hasnt changed for the past week or so lol just go to weight loss tracker on google and itll bring it up.....Im starting slimming world this week,been on weight watchers but always fall off the wagon,apparently slimming worlds easier and you can eat looooaaaadddss ha, a full chicken for a sunday dinner if you want! x
    aven't seen you on here for ages!!! how are you? still teaching at New college and running your salon?
    just one called LAP (life among people) at the min. kinda deftonesy. went to see seasick steve the other week and cant wait to see queens of the stone age again.
    oh what band is he in. you cant beat a bit of the hof. have you seen him in the spongebob squarepants movie
    I'm over in Stockton on Tees at the mo although considering moving to Holland in the near future! xXx
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