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  • The same thing happened to my daughters laptop....check with your contents insurance could you might be covered, other than that you can get a new screen from ebay (£70 ish) and they are easy enough to replace yourself...
    wen your doing glitters you always only use a small amount really thin then build wit your acrylic or gel so it doesnt file off so easy
    but if your only usin a tiny amount of glitter it wont file off as easy so u wouldn have to cap it depends on how much glitter your using you dont want it to file away from around the nail plate beside the cuticle cause then it would be so noticeable if it was like a really dark colour hope that helped:)
    if you do a glitter tip, but then say mix small amount of gliiter into say your pink for nail bed do you need to cap that aswell as done this and enhancement looks so thick??xxx
    Hi Raya and welcome to the site. :green: You would be better posting questions on the main boards hun, then more people will answer them. Just go up to navigation and select what forum and post away xxx

    Thank you for my pic comment :hug:
    Hi, welcome to salongeek, you will really get hooked. Thanks for the comment on my salon, I am not open yet, still got some building work outside. I only do nails and have just converted to CND. Use to do mobile but it wasn't for me, all that lugging about and trying to remember everything argh..xx
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