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  • nope :cry: couldnt decide on just 3. My other half is now selling his car though as its not being used so i'm hoping to buy the 12 colour deal instead :green: Hopefully i'll manage to pick 12!!! :hug: xxxxx
    I am loving your avatar. have you got a bigger picture as I love the way you have dressed your room.
    Hi, At the moment we only do Scotland, West Midlands & Yorkshire.
    Would you be able to travel to any of these areas?
    Louise x
    oh yeah i forgot about olympia. Yeah business isn't going too bad. I think the warmer weather is helping. Everyone is having a lot more waxing and pedicures have got popular again. x
    Hey I read your thread on excel this year. It made me a feel a bit better about missing it lol x
    hey thank-you so much for getting back to me so quickly. Im going to give that a go I have a spare mobile chip somewhere I think. I don't think Im going to go this year Im still deciding as even though I usually get some good deals I'l still end up buying things I don't really need. Are you going?
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