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  • Some polished work better than others, generally if the polish covers well in one coat it will work. The cnd silver chrome & gold chrome both work very well as do some opi & China glaze polishes. As for top coats when doing konad over shellac I use the shellac top coat and over polish I use lumos top coat which is brilliant. Hope this all helps, good luck x
    But it wasn't food items :-( Ah well.... you would have been SO pleased too. Like I said, it's a done deal. Another parcel is going out. No point arguing LOL In any case, I made the Secret Santa Rules, I can't very well be the one to break them HAHAHAHA
    HOLY CRAP!!!

    I'll get something else out to you!! it way sucks because one of the things I got you, I won't be able to find again :-(
    So sorry luv. Canada post sucks.
    I had wondered....when I didn't hear anything.
    Giant hugs and I'll send something off later this week.
    Let me know when you get it. Just in case, message me your home address 'just in case' the one I had, had errors in it.
    Hi hun................. been a lonnnnnnnng time... but did you get my parcel? I never heard :-(
    Thank you so much for your comments, I plan to go far in the nail industry so I am happy that you approve of my work thus far :)
    10 clients is good! Doubling that will be hard but Im am positive that you can do it. Anything can be done if you set your mind to it right?
    I know what you mean about the people expecting freebies... most of my friends are good but you get the odd one who is just out to get what they can for free (mostly my sister!).
    What nail art suppliers do you use at the moment? Ill see if I know of any new ones for you to take a look at :)
    Hi Rebecca thank you for your comment! I began studying in July 2007 and finished my course in August 2008. My training was crap though so the credit for most of what I know is due to Salon Geek and You Tube. My home based business is just starting out, `Ive got my first client coming on Monday... Its hard when you dont know many people in the town. In Tauranga I had tons of people begging me to do their nails but down here girls don't seem to be quite so into fashion. I guess its up to me to change that though lol.
    Hows business where you are?
    this is one of the reasons I love Christmas. It brings friends and families together. Wishing you a peaceful christmas also.
    We must have both been thinking the same thing Rebecca. I was shopping in Hobby Craft this week (where I bought the tree danglies) and thought of you. So pleased you are enjoying them! Have a lovely Christmas xx
    Hi Ya. I know what you mean about not many kiwis but isn't this an awesome site. I get on here every evening and have learnt sooo much. But it does at times get disheartening when we cant get our hands on a lot of the products and bits and pieces that are being discussed. Thanks for contacting. Keep in touch
    Hi Rebecca,

    Good to see another kiwi on here, I am finding there are more of us than previously thought. Defo need to network as we are a minority (understatment of the year)
    Peace, N.
    Hi Rebecca!
    In my blog, there are a few posts and sme pics. Also, on my facebook profile, there are four (yes 4 LOL) albums.
    take care and thx for asking
    Hi Rebecca. You lucky thing, the closest thing to a holiday i'm getting at the moment will be 4 days off at the end of this month to move house!!! I can't wait for summer to get rid of the cold too, but I must say we had a gorgeous day here today, best in ages. I live in the good old Naki in New Plymouth. I actually work full time at our local newspaper and am doing nails in my spare time and the weekends, have being doing them since 2003 and sat my masters in 2005, wow that was a mission but well worth it... Good to catch up, and hope that holiday buzz doesn't wear off to soon!!!
    Thanks doll!!!
    I hope that all goes well for you too!!
    Be sure to stop and breathe sometimes, ok?
    giant hugs!
    Aw thanks ever so much for your comment on my nail lounge! Sorry I havent replied earlier but I've been offline for a while - computer problems! jayneym xxx
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