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  • I work from home. My husband and I have a business that I work part time in. Its mainly just that I feel I need more practice to improve, I am not promoting myself as well as I could because I am embarrassed that it takes me on average 2-2 1/2 hours regardless weather it is full set or rebalance. Its a catch 22. Wont promote coz too slow, too slow coz dont do enough. Do you think I should buy one of those nail trainers? Thanks for your interest. Just seen the CND video's, they really good. Gonna watch and rewatch.
    Hey Rebecca, Thanks for answering! I know just how you feel, I've been there! The one thing that has really changed my situation is foot traffic, so if you don't have enough, keep looking for somewhere better. There WILL be somewhere just right for you! Where do you currently work from?
    Hi there,
    I'm just here fluffing about & looking at anyone whose location in here in NZ. Good luck with the nail business. Lol! frustration is all part of it, but if you stick with it, eventually you get better :) Stay in touch with as many people who can help you, as you can. We all needed support at the beginning. I've been a nail tech for 6 years now & I STILL feel like I want more training!! That's the nuisance of loving what you do.... the better you get, the better you expect yourself to be! Again, good luck & hang in there!
    Cheers, Robyn
    hiya.... just wanted to say thankyou for my secret santa pressy... the clip is lovely :) i got it b4 crimbo but had totally forgot to say thankyou before now!
    your card made me giggle... topshop is just a high street store v big chain over in the uk ... their website
    and pat butcher (now evans) is a character from the UK soap Eastenders famed for wearing big earrings!

    youll see what i mean by the last link!

    spk soon
    Jess xoxo
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