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  • Aw thank you :) So looking forward to Shellac! Just wondering, how do I join the CND Complete group? I can't see anywhere that says join! x
    Hello, thank you! Hope you don't mind me adding you as a friend I just had seen that you had done your course with Kate too :) So excited!!
    Hiya! How's everything with you Becky? I've got all my shellac colors now :) exciting stuff! Xxx
    ive got the artistry class in november then, custom colour then hopefully my masters. ive done my master painter but want to do architect and sculptor! i just want to do it all! x
    Aww thank you!! I'm sure they r all lovely and maybe me taking ur to heart but it's not the first time I have seen nasty comments on here!! Yeah I see the group but cannot join - do I need to be invited to join the group!!
    How r u finding the course - I love it!! My trainer Jeni is brilliant and really patient!! Luckily for me I'm the only lady on the course so it's one on one!!
    We will probs have our exams at the same time!!

    Thanks for your message x
    Thanks for the heart hun. Just a shame most of the thread was deleted, lol! I'll take screen prints next time ;) xx
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