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    Microblading, eyebrow wax & tinting & lash lift and tint

    I do all of the above and insured through Insync have been with them for last 4 years and had no issues
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    Hair extension supplier

    Angel, is that the full name? I’m Can u message me details please
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    Hair extension supplier

    Angel, is that the full name?
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    Hair extension supplier

    I’m doing an invisible weave course next week and already have people wanting booked for consultations so I need a hair supplier ASAP. Any recommendations? Just so I can buy a colour ring and be organised
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    I use a wax waterproof pencil to draw my outline, it lasts pretty well. And I use stained string also. Love that
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    Microblading pigment colour help

    The orange is a modifier. Most microblading pigments are very cool and ash so you have to warm it up using a modifier. There’s a few different ones. What range are you using?
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    Need new lash lift product

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    Need new lash lift product

    I’m currently using Salon System Lash Lift but some clients have complained about irritable eyes a few days after even though skin tests have been fine. Thinking of changing brand. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance