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  • Sorry for the late reply totally forgot i'd sent a message on here lol Thanks bin tryin to up load the album on facebook bt it keeps crashin :-/ got sum pic's on there. Didnt go to manchester as u know lol bt hoping for birmingham really wanna do london bt its havin the pennys to do so x
    Hi Ruth
    Just wanted to let you know i have put the pics of your lashes in the flirties group and in my album,
    hope you don't mind hun xxx
    Hi Ruth
    Im glad your liking them,
    It is usually about every 2 weeks for an infill,
    its £20 for one hours work and £5 for every 15 mins after that if that makes sense,
    and we should end up with them looking even fuller after each infill,
    Lou xxx
    Hi Ruth
    Hope you like your lashes, i forgot to give you the aftercare sheet so here we go,
    Keep visits to a sauna, steam room and swimming pool to a minimum and not at all during the first 48 hrs.
    Be very gentle with your eyelashes, do not touch them or get them wet for the next 24 hrs to allow time for the bond to set.
    Avoid steam from hot showers for next 48 hrs (quick cool baths or showers)
    Do not rub your eyes.
    Do not use any oil based make-up removers.
    When removing make-up use a cotton bud next to the lash line to prevent damaging the bond.
    Do not use any water proof mascara.
    Do not lay on them when sleeping as they will move out of place with the heat.
    You know where i am if you have any questions xxx
    Let me know what days are best for you and i will check my diary and get back to you hun xxx
    No worries hun, thanks for letting me know,
    i may need a model soon for eyelash extensions,
    i have 2 new glues to try out if you fancy that xxx
    Hi Ruth
    Are you still looking models hun,
    i would be able to help out if you are,
    im no good for the boob lift though i don't have any lol,
    just let me know if you still need bodies xxx
    Hi, Hey your Marti is handsome and rugged , lol , I think you go really well together,
    Your hair looks lovely in the first picture , you really suit it that medium brown colour , that place in manchester with the black door looks familiar lol x
    hi hun,i'm not working atm,i'm expecting our second baby so i'm taking some time off. I am looking for a mobile therapist though if i'm not too far away ? x
    OOOhhhh you lucky cow!!.. I met Marti in 1995 and didn't have the nerve to cop a feel (oh the regrets we have in life eh?) hey I'd say he didn't mind too much.. he looks delighted with himself ha ha
    soooooo nice meeting you at the show and such a shame we didnt have more time, would have been so nice to keep chatting!!!! Glad to be your friend now :O))))
    Hugs Britta
    Was nice to meet at last, glad yr enjoying level 3. I really enjoy being at Whitwood 2. Prob see you nxt week!
    alison x
    How's level 3 going? I'm in college tomorrow so will look out for you. In fact I think I saw you last week but wasn't sure enough to speak, lol!!!
    Alison x
    Aaagh i just read your siggy i LOOOVEE that song what a blast from the past.

    With a rebel yell she cried more moe more, more more more
    i cant post pic dont have a cam or a diggy cam
    and i dont no any other way to put up pics
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