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  • we're a 5 piece rock and pop covers band, guitar, bass, drums, keys and me on vocals. It's great fun, we do weddings, corporate and the odd public pub gig. Weddings are our biggest market but there is a pub we play at every 4 months or so and we always get a great crowd along to support us. We've been together for about 4 years in this current line up but 4 of us have been playing together since we owned a rehearsal studio 6 years ago. Do you have any clips online? xx
    See you Monday huni, its gonna be fun fun fun xxxxx It was good to see you today, lets do it again soon..... oh yea lets do it Monday pmsl xxxx
    Hi huni, that's what to buy, the black lamp is brilliant, Minx designs of your choice aso. I can email you what you will need for your course. It's all systems go for training, I am so exited!!!!!
    I wish haha We live in a proper sleep country village with nowt to do BUT have asked hubby dearest t pay for a hair extension course for me :D May go to the little village pub for some food as I have lived here 12 months and never been there ( i don't drink so seems pretty pointless lol )

    Best idea of a birthday for me is no ironing, hubby seeing to kids for the day, and nice home made cards off the 2 little ones lol I sound really old and boring right ;) xxx
    Wwoooop that means you can get up to mischief all day lol Chit Chat has been hilarious for the last couple of days ;)

    i may pinch that idea this year Christmas day on 1st November haha although my Pagan friends love my birthday as it is new years day on the Pagan calender :D xxx
    You are more than welcome hope you had a wonderful day hunny :D Am good thanks - yourself? xxx
    Hi, just been reading your post about 50's fancy dress. I too have loads of 50's stuff, hubby and I used to belong to 'Yesterday Once More' have you heard of it? It is a rock and roll travel club, absolutely fab! You may remember I gave a few ideas for your busness name. Sent you a friend request as I think we have something in common? Kim x
    LOL how is your walking now? I will be at Olympia Beauty so hey we can catch up there if you fancy it. Good idea, get your Dad to buy it for you..... you will love it xxx

    Thanks for your reply, Ive decided to go for the manicure course with CND in September and hopefully the pedicure 2 weeks later (finance permitting lol) Really looking forward to it, and i know i'm probably going to be like you and want to do all the courses and buy lots of things...Thanks for getting back to me and good luck to you also x
    Hi there,

    Thank you hun! Re. my bank balance... that's just me wanting to purchase more products, do more courses (eg. Brisa gel course, Shellac, Minx, the lot!) Products are great... and CND are one of the top providers and have a great respect in the Nail industry (from what I can tell), so well worth doing the training with them. I don't think you can go wrong with them. The products aren't exactly cheap but they won't break the bank, and I think you get what you pay for. There are no hidden costs on top of the course fee, unless you want to buy a few extra bits. If you need anymore info then just PM me hun....

    Good luck in your decision! Keep me posted on what you decide!

    Red x
    Hi, Hope you don't mind me contacting you, but I have just seen your post and firstly would like to say congratulations on your achievement. I have been debating for weeks on weather to do CND or OPI Manicure and pedicure course., so i just wanted your opinion on CND and are the products really expensive. You also mentioned your bank balance once you receive your certificates, are there extra hidden cost on top of the course fee. Sorry for the long message, any help would be really appreciated as i am complete new to this. Thanks again.

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