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  • I was wondering where you were... you'll love Shellac and you've come back to the industry at a very exciting time.. chat to you soon missus :)
    hi glad ur not shut! Im the same, cant get staff, had a wee girl in, 5 months, had a feelin things werent right turns out shes opening on her own so i just spent 6 months trainin her! (she was crap anyway) but I just felt used! lol busy on my own and at least i no job is done right. mite look for some1 else, we'l see, im not a boss i dont think but with each 1 i learn a little bit more.
    my wee classes are doing well trying to do 1 a month.
    hey chick hows u ? got ur message, was on hols, but changed by fone so lost that no. r u closing hun?
    Hi Vanessa. Good to see you too. Isn't Geeg amazing? Good luck next week PM me all the secrets lol.Have a safe journey home and hope to see you you know where!!! xx
    hi hun, good to hear from you.Bournemouth is about 3 1/2 hours away so i will be leaving home about 6.30 am. Be great to catch up with you again, we could go for a drink/meal after. See you tomorrow xxx
    Hi Honey Just to let you know we have started a Young Nails Social group Please feel free to join us T
    Thanks for the advise. Your salon is gorgeous, can I ask where you got your pedispa chairs, I'm looking for one for my salon? x
    Hi ya, thanks for the nice comments, ive just recently redone my prices and because, like you, i wear alot of the intrictae designs i do get asked for them and never know what to charge.( so thyeve been getting a bargain ! lol) So i have added "custom design nails" to my service menu now, basically what im going to do is do a short consultation for those who want them,so that thye can chooe colour and design and so i can then give them a prce and work out timing iykwim.( ive put from £60.00 on my price list)for the indian style nails i would probably charge about £85.00 as thye would take about 4 hrs work also im gonna be asking for a deposit, just because its quite a big block of time if they dont show up.Ill have to see how it works out as ive bever really offered it as a service before.....hope it goes well for ya and altho theres not many that would have theses tye of designs at least now ill get paid properly for all my hard work lmao haze xxx
    Agreed, too many fall into the doom & gloom frame of mind, which can become a self-fulfilling prophecy, fare better to direct that time to positive thinking! Sounds like you use your time the same as I do...with plenty of cleaning & rejigging! I've re-arranged my cupboards so many times in the last couple of months.
    Glad everything is working out love ... yay!!! It was great to see you.
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