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  • Hi I noticed you were looking for EzFlow products, I am the EzFlow distributor & Educator for the North & Scotland our website is or contact 0191 262 4357 hopr to chat soon Vikki x
    Hi there, lovely to hear from you! Best thing you can do is have a look at the tutorials on the Young Nails website or see Young Nails/Greg Salo on Youtube. There are gel tutorials on there and he is so good with very clear instructions. His videos helped me so much with gel applications. xx
    Have fun and come back to me any time you need anything, I would be happy to help you!! xx they stock lots of nail wraps in both the professional cut, as shown in the photos and the usual cut which include sizes for toes. Each pack will provide at least 2 sets of nails and the normal cut ones are shaped on both ends so not so much trimming to make them go further. Really easy to use with a hairdryer or lamp, whichever you prefer, I use a travel hairdryer from Argos which cost £4.99! xx
    My darling it is the easiest thing to use in the world. I comes ready mixed with acrylic powder so you can use it just like acrylic. I do a clear base, very thin and then put the bling over the top, again very thin and then do a thin layer of clear over the top so that I can file and buff without effecting the glitter. Really, if you can do a basic nail then you can get fantastic results with this product. It makes it so easy to do something that looks so good and so complicated!! xx
    Thank you for you lovely comments on my bling photo. The photos really do not do it justice it is so, so much nicer and blingier in real life!! xx
    Course I am talking to you, I am just not on here as much as I used to be. You should try CND they are amazing. :green: xxxx
    Hi there. Doing ok just now but rushed off my feet. Will send you a pm soon to catch up. Leslie
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