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  • Thanks for the rep but someone deleted the post!! Probably the person who wrote it! lol
    Thanks...but not really ! End of a long hard week, and hubby had me saying cheesey pease just once too often !!!
    Cont. :) Tbh, I'm not sure which way I'm headed. Love nails (always have) and tanning is a good earner for me, and although I'm nearly finished my hair, not sure it's actually what I want to pursue iykwim? I like it, and that's the reason why I went back and did the 2nd year but not sure it's for me. It's a qualification and skill I have and can always revisit later if Ineed to. I think I'm going to just concentrate on fingers/toes and tanning and see where it leads from here. If anyone wants me to do hair for them, I'd be silly not to do it, but I also have refound my passion for jewellery making, so was going to do workshops beginning of the week and beauty the 2nd half of the week. Well, that's the plan anyway, lol! xx
    The fabulous Paul and Venice eh? Sounds beautiful :) Nail Harmony are a fairly new company and they have some 'names' working with them too! Just Google them, they are so lovely and have fab c/s.

    Blimy, £700 quid!! I'd love to buy them from you at that bargain price but I just have too much outlay at the moment with products and education I'm doing/needing, but if you haven't shifted them in a few months, maybe then... And yeah, fingers crossed for selling your machine :) I still have my little T100 and after Steve sent me the part, works as good as new, phew! Couldn't afford another machine right now! Although I would have had to have found the money from somewhere. xx
    ahhh alas no the lovely ollie is no more ... however there is now the fabulous paul ! yum yum yum just back from venice .... amazing beautiful place. havent heard of nail harmony ... i have some entity here to try - not sure if you know but i surprised when entity told me some of the names working for them i remember from creative ! including doug schoon !! if theres a service you dont like ... lose it !! thats my advice babe

    fab news about the move and having dedicated space now.

    the perspex sheets with the lino etc was about £700 !! i know expensive but they are still as good as new and have worked really well and kept the space open .... they are up for sale too !! lol i was looking for around £350/300 for it all including the lino, pole,voile, battons etc - need to sell the tanning machine first though - someone was mailing me yesterday fingers crossed . if she buys it shes got herself a real bargain and a great machine - if not im going to try ebay

    what are your plans re services you're going to do ? hairdressing ? fingers/toes tanning ?

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