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    Selling Redken colour books

    Would anyone be interested in buying some redken colour books as I’ve over ordered and have some spare 🙂
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    I tip extensions, thick hair

    For my thick heads i normally use 150-200 strands of hair and that’s double drawn aswell to achieve the perfect blends
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    Open air or in foils
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    Shades EQ

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    Shades EQ

    There is also a redken group on Facebook that’s very helpful with advice /formula ideas x
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    Shades EQ

    If you have any social media I can send over some pics of the guides and books if you’d like
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    Shades EQ

    Have you done the shades training? I purchase directly from my redken rep it’s a lot cheaper than what Sally’s is selling it at
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    LA Weave and nanos help

    Hii sorry to jump, but what thread Is everyone using for there weaves?
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    Tiny tip vs mini micro?

    Hi thought I’d jump on , I use to use copper tubes without silicone and found they slip too much , I have now switched to silicone lined copper tubes , and have found your sectioning has to be perfect amount of hair in the tube in order for it not to slip . I hope this makes sense and helps you
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    Longer length hair extensions

    Hairenvy boutique hair is absolutely stunning and lasts a very very long time
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    Retaping and re-installing tape in extensions?

    I use acetone to remove my tape ins and tape taps off the actual tape ins
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    Box braid help

    Not trained in them but when I got mine done I was charged £30 by hour
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    Extension advice just trained

    100g for fine hair 150-200g for medium-thick hair
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    Dying micro rings green

    I would use the colour of her natural root x
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    Lighted mirrors for salon?

    Hi sorry to Jump on this but my friend recently got a very grand Hollywood mirror from eBay x