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    Please don't take consultation for granted

    Beleive it or not I did. She kept saying "no that isn't what you want trust me." The worst part is I booked this in prior to going to a job interveiw
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    Please don't take consultation for granted

    So I went to a salon and I don't think the fact that I am a trained stylist is impacting my opinion. I know my hair is damaged due to coming from black to blond. Now I was willing to lose 4-5 inches because I understand it's better to have healthy hair then long and matted hair. The conversation...
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    Double processing bleach

    I'm not really confident on double processing bleach and thought I would open up a discussion. I would love to hear your experiences to see different techniques out there and to help me boost my confidence with it. I never really learned about that in my apprenticeship. So I want to do some self...
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    Starting beauty school

    I am going to be getting my diploma in beauty therapy. I am trying to decide on 2 schools. One I have to move interstate to and don't know too much however my boyfriend is moving there. That state has an industry shortage so there is actually a lot of work there. And course costs are cheaper at...
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    I want to rant

    So I went and got my hair cut at a hair school. Honestly I've been ill so I don't really care if a mistake or 2 is made. That's to be expected as students are learning. And I am aware that students are all at different paces. My problem is not with the student at all but the teacher. Now the...
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    $230 for color, good or too much?

    I'm Australian, I can't quote how Americas pricing works.
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    $230 for color, good or too much?

    I imagine it may take longer then just 2 sessions especially if you care about health of hair. Usually I have a base price and the $100 per hour.
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    Unhappy with Wella

    I've had nothing but support customer service wise however not a fan of the line.
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    How to stop cats using my garden as a toilet?

    Cats hate the scent of lemons. My mother used to care for a lot of abused cats and we would keep half a lemon on the bench and spray areas with lemon water to stop them getting to places. Seemed to work for us.
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    Colour formulas that seem impossible to achieve

    My client wants her hair to have some blues, greens and violets. This is one of the images sent to me. Seeing it in person she has a band of violet underneath (she has been using brite organix). Now I can certainly work with that (not the worst colour correction I've had to be part of), However...
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    Charging family and friends

    I'm wanting to start charging family and friends especially since I've had the flu and they have come to my place demanding I do severe colour corrections for free with my own products. How would you word it? I feel like there will be bite back.
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    I'm looking into a colour line called Farmavita. Has anyone used it? It just seems too good to be true price wise. So I was hoping to hear other peoples experiences.
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    Comfy shoes?

    I use hush puppies. The same shoes have last me 6 years
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    Adore hair colour

    Do you guys know much about this line? It looks interesting and seems to be cost friendly
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    My sister rocked up for me to do her hair

    great news. I visited her yesterday and she likes it more now :D