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  • lol keep missing eachother do you use Face Book Babs? if so let me have your full name and I will add you mine is Karen Coughlan. xxx
    Let me know if you cant see,maybe I have prssed something on privacy without realising.xx
    Hi Babs,if you go onto my page(where you wrote that message to me)then look on the right,its under albums...hth Babs 2 lol xx
    Hello babs how are you doing hunnie, hope your giving it large with the girls lol. xx
    Hi Babs how are you & your family? Not seen a peep from you lately hope you had a good Christmas. Will catch up soon.
    Luv n hugs karen xx

    It was lovely to meet you at the Bella Beauty Relaunch, hope all is well with you, take care, Jo x
    Oh no Babs ........ I haven't really been on as I have been ill (just flu & bug) and had visitors and busy was just having a look to try catch up with everyone so far haven't come across your blog, what a worry for you both as if you both haven't been through enough just what you didn't need to hear, I hope that his bloods come back normal, I should think they would be keeping a close eye on his levels etc, will he have another scan? I really think they should follow up after surgery with scans they can provide so much more info. I will think of you both with positive thoughts & much love and hope that you dont lose faith and stay positive hunnie. My brother is coming over to visit us this weekend so I hope he will be able to tell me in more detail what is going on as the last he said was after his surgery and he had an appointment to go back to his consultant beginning of Dec as apparently they felt no great need for concern ?? xxxxxx
    Oh Babs, thanks so much. I wouldn't have actually minded if I had done it in the first place!! Thanks again hunny that was lovely to come on here and read what you said. xxxxxxxx:hug:
    Hi Babs how are things going for you and your hubbie hope your both well, everything ok at my end lol. xxx
    Hi Babs when your ready babes, Hope hubby continues to make a speedy recovery xxxxxxxxx
    Absolutely Solar Oil plays a big part in any nail care just perhaps wait a bit before massaging it in as I believe this is part of the trick as stimulates bloody supply and healthy growth, but who am I trying to teach to suck eggs, you obviously know what your doing hun. xxx
    LOL your allowed to lose your head a little just now, OMG it really is scary what the health service is coming to I know not all hospitals and most certainly not all staff surgeons & consultants are the same but it is an area where there really are no margins for error, look at all those poor women recently recalled for Breast Cancer results incorrectly given and this is only one instance where it has been spotted!!!!
    Oh, crikey! I had forgotten about that! Where is my head? lol! As you say, lots going on - cooking all the time, no wonder he is looking good. Having said that we both had the vomiting and diarrhoea bug last week and I still don't fancy food. Perhaps I might lose some weight? lol! Glad he is on the mend though, what a worrying few weeks you have all had. And, yes, it's difficult when you work in that line of business not to read the notes. I would have been sorely tempted as well. BTW the chap opposite my hubby in the hospital went in for kidney stones only when they did the op there weren't any! I'll leave you with that little thought. ;0) Babs xxx
    Hi hunniw so glad your hub is moaning its always a sign that things are returning to normality lol, its great news that he only has 3 weeks left until he can drive its all gone so quick but probably not for him. You have had so much going on hun but I did do a blog up date after my brothers exploritory op which you left a comment on, its all sounding good right now the mass they saw was a large cyst and the antigens showing in his blood are (apparently) the same as would show up for a cancer so biospsies still taken with results due in a follow up in Nov, but the consultant said he feels there really is nothing to cause concern. He should not have read his notes should he . xxxx
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