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  • Hi! Thank you thats great to hear, iveonlu put a few pics up, should put more on really! xx
    Thanks for my blog comment hun, Yes i finally sorted out my certificates and got all three of them.xx
    Thanks Babs x... I have requested a friend link so you can view them if you like. The diet has been the easiest diet I have ever tried in my life (and I have tried a hell of a lot of them). Its called Dietchef and it is basically all your food, breakfast, lunch and dinner plus a snack biscuit. It is delivered to you all cooked and all you do is microwave it in 2 mins ... done! there is no time to make a piece of toast.. your meal is ready so quick. The food is totally natural with no preservetives or additives... I just love it. Have a look at their website.. Diet Chef The Proven Way to Lose Weight Jen x
    It was all over the local news, he was in a critical condition, I hope he's OK as I haven't heard. Do you still have my number? 07795 361797 xxx
    Finger is all healed now, feels like it was never broken....having op in July! Give me a ring to book up for a minicure, busy but not busy enough! No idea about Anne Marie, not heard from her either although I know her brother was quite badly injured in a fight recently. xxx
    Hi, its a bit late, but thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog the other day, much appreciated xx
    well hello there! not seen you in a while, how are you and are those nails growing?
    Bless you Babs, maybe you could come over and give me a mani, I certainly need one with this darn splint on xxx
    Well I'm managing just about with the finger. Lost a lb on the diet, I know where I went wrong so must try harder this week lol. How's you and yours xxx
    How's the nails coming along hunny x I'm so not busy next week, come over for a mani and a chat xxx
    Hi Babs
    If you give me your email addy i will send the details and prices over to you xxx
    Of course it's worth going before Christmas - that way you'll not put a stone on over christmas abd be grumpy in January!
    You sound to me like you need to rub solar oil into your nail plates 2-3 times a day & then get some 'Toughen Up' from CND - not sally hansens crap!
    Give it a go, it'll help you I'm sure.
    Enjoy your babysitting.
    Babs! if you are a foodie - as I am, you'll love SW.
    Check out
    See the smple week menu and really - have a look, you can eats as much food as you want - really! But,...there are a few things you have to limit.
    If you're up for joining - let me know if you do & you can text, pm, email me with any questions/queries/recipie ideas etc.
    There a 'social group' on here for SW peeps too.
    It's a fantastic diet & great for all year round. Salads blahhhhhh hate 'em! I did WW years ago, lost 4 stone & had the most unhealthy diet going - too many points on wine & not enough on food lol!
    I wish lol!
    At 46, my dolly bird days are well & truly over lol!
    Anyhoooooo - how are you doing? Not spoken to you for awhile. xxxx
    hi retired, gorgeous grand daughter! i hope you dont mind me messaging you .. i put out a request on salon geek about jemma kidd make up courses and someone pointed me in your direction - said your daughter had completed one. i have just trained to nvq level foundation make up and want to specialise in bridals so have been looking at the 3 day jk pro masterclass - is this the one your daughter did, doesnt matter if not - but can i ask what she thought of the course she did, was it good value for money, small classes etc and basically would she recommend it? cant afford to make any expensive training mistakes! kind regards, blush09
    Awwww, what a wee cutie your grandaughter is! I'm going to be a granny in January, and I can't wait!! xx
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