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  • Lol your mum sounds like me then! I bought the Martha Stewart glitters from the US as so much cheaper even with delivery than here, I would think the will be here within the next week. Where do you buy yours from?
    Note to self should read messages before sending... Didn't mean to write but Lucy, was going to say she had said some clients wont get 14 days! Lol it's too late for me, must head off to bed :)
    Thanks for getting back to me. I am doing Shellac on friends at the minute and covering my costs so didn't want to give these free when not really making anything. I'm getting more confident with the application just still worry about people not getting 14 days but Lucy :-( I get about 12 from mine with doing all the manicures and pedicures but just want to hit that 14 day barrier! I would love to take you up on your offer to help and be my guinea pig / talk shop! I've ordered my glitters and once they are here would love you to talk me through the rockstar process if you don't mind?
    Lol :) yes I know where you are, will keep a eye out when I'm taking my little one for a walk! It would be great to talk shop nice to have someone just down the road :) which bits of beauty do you do? I have seen your Shellac bits, which look great x
    I'm Chandlers Ford too! Just working at home for the minute as due to move to Sydney in Sept so no point setting up a room etc. Where do you rent your room?
    She is lovely :) I've only just started doing manicures, pedicures, minx shellac and spray tanning. Decided to retrain in September as had been at home with kiddies for the last 5 years and I am loving every minute of it. I'm qualified now but just trying to get in lots of practise! I feel like I've become quite obsessive about it all ... Lol.
    Hi, I hope you don't mind me requesting you as a friend, I went on my Shellac course yesterday and Lu b Lu said I may know you on here as she trained you recently?
    I know I suppose they would if I advertised it in the salon. During the week when i am demo-ing Shellac I will tell people :)

    I know its a bit daunting isnt it? But shyness is getting is nowhere at the moment so we better pluck up the courage and get out there! xxx
    Do you klnow what I have only had one person book in and quote it haha! I was going to get a sign put up in the salon but I was getting bookings anyway so I left it for now lol and if anyone quotes it I will obviously still do it :) I am defo needing to get out into the shop floor a bit more and introduce myself, its just scary lol :)

    That sounds like a lovely holiday, im sure you will have a ball :) xx
    Ive also just spotted your comment on my blog. Thank you very much for you kind words blubb! Haha. Saw your post about your dad giving the cheque to go on holiday. Thats really nice :) It will be a well deserved break xxxx
    Rhianon! have fun! I have black pool but not hollywood. Give it a try and let me know what you think of the combo too. Have you a Fedora? it is in my wishlist. I will get a few more colours after the New Year. At the mo i have RackA and the new 6 colour pack. x
    Hey Rhiannon, you should go ahead and try, just make sure you shake the bottles like mad and when the lamp is on, none of the bottles are near the lamp. Just in case it is cured by accident. This way, you might have some practicle questions to ask the educator :) Fingernailsfixer Vids has helped me tremendously! xoxox
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