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  • Aw bless you Rhona. I'm feeling much better already so will back to lashing in November. x
    Lovely to meet you today.
    Here's the link to the FB page for professionals selling beauty items x
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    You have to ask to join the group
    Wednesday during the day would be good. I'm booked from 4pm til 9pm but only have one client during the day so if you wanted to come any time after 1pm? My mobile number is 07928 592056. Give me a text and let me know when suits x
    Hi Rhona, Yes I'm back to work on Tuesday but I'm already fully booked for evening appointment for the next 2 weeks :-(
    Yes I'm about 10-15 minutes walk from the station. I'm off on holiday at the end of the week but am back to work on the 31st.
    Remember my obsession about patch testing too Rhona so you'd need to come for that too! E x
    Thanks Rhona!
    I have a salon at home in Airdrie. I tried lashing mobile but gave it up VERY quickly! LOL
    I've had a few geeks come to me for lashes. It's always nice to meet them.
    E x
    Im so excited, i cant wait haha! might get a wee tan off you one day if im going out since i'm just in paisley & my mum drives & i know you use a good brand lol xx
    Thank You for the heart x. The more I see the same posts, the less tactful I become so it's nice to see someone still appreciates the advice xxx
    Hey are you going to the kim lawless training in Edinburgh next week? i'll be there both days, im so excited! x
    Hey Rhona - How are you doing following our training last week ? Hope its going well ... have you done many tans ? Lian x
    I hope I did not confuse you with that stuff about tax but you'd be amazed at what you can claim against your income, some of the things I never knew about someone suggested I do that when I went off to University from working for the bank I was working at.
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