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    Visors PPE?

    I use a mask and visor when client arrives and leaves and then use a podiatry screen between myself and my client during the treatment, so I can take my visor off. I have my mask taped with micropore tape to stop my glasses from steaming up, as suggested by my consultant Dr friend. Not sure...
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    Disposable spatulas

    Glad it went well. I might get a couple and put them in cleaner. Might make it easier. Thanks for feedback and good luck! X
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    Disposable spatulas

    I would be interested to hear how you get on with the metal spatula. Can I please ask where you got it/them from and how many you bought? Good luck! X
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    Disposable spatulas

    Can I just confirm then, that you would take used spatulas to the recycling/dump even though they have wax and maybe hair and over them? I never thought of that. Don’t know how they would be re-used, but its an idea. All my products are being cleaned after use, but that’s normal. I have...
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    Sideways screen to put across the couch

    Rosie - you are a star! I have found them.. Just what I need. Thanks again. X
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    Sideways screen to put across the couch

    Thank you! I have looked at that one - very expensive! I would like one from the side rather than the back, so I can work on the rest of the body, but I can’t seem to find one anywhere.....
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    Sideways screen to put across the couch

    Has anyone found a screen which can be angled across the couch or manicure table to provide a barrier? Would make waxing legs a lot easier. It would need to be on a stand ...
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    Disposable spatulas

    Anybody else worried about the number of wooden spatulas they are throwing away? Could get metal ones and sanitise them but need bigger wooden spatulas if not. Any suggestions? Also, I can’t really see too well through my visor? Is this just me??? First day teething problems - do you have any?
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    Nail salon cough screen/shields

    I also read that screens may not actually be that much use. I just hope our insurance companies can give us some guidance too about what we need to do.
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    Selling gift vouchers whilst in lockdown

    I have been asked for vouchers, but have only done them on the understanding that the person knows, I don’t know when I will be opening again. Just thought it would be easier to make things really clear.
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    Client list

    I do feel for you and I am not sure if I can help but from my experience even with contracts specifically saying that you cannot approach clients after you leave, people often do. It’s happened to me before and there wasn’t a great deal I can do. I do think these days, that its very easy for a...
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    Self employment income support scheme question & returning to massage therapy work

    I have found the system fairly easy to use. Haven’t received a payment yet, but it should be coming in the next 6 days. With regard to returning to salon life, I found myself feeling quite down yesterday, sitting in my treatment room on my own. I have spent 10 years building it up and after...
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    Brow lamination?

    All the pictures and videos I have seen, show perfectly good eyebrows being made to look silly. I haven’t seen any sparse eyebrows being made to look fuller, which is apparently the promise.
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    Cold sores and facials

    Interestingly, my daughter had what I thought was a cold sore recently, but it was impetigo. Glad your client was fine about it. Some people seem to think we don’t want to do the treatment for other reasons, other than we are looking out for them too.
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    Cold sores and facials

    Not sure if this helps but I wouldn’t touch a client with cold sores for a facial. It was always a contraindication as I understand it. Have you had a conversation with her, warning her that it might be the case?