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  • Ah thanks, I took the bandage off today even though I shouldn't have to have a peek but wishing I didn't now:eek::ouchxx
    Very quite here!! I've had an op on my foot so been stick in all week! Mind I'm having a good rest I guess :) xx
    Evening Rhinn, how's you? Love your nails and the nail art, beautiful colours and so neat thank you for the heart too ��xx
    Hi Rhinn how's you? Hope you had a nice Christmas and new year? Thanks for the heart xx
    Hello Susie Mac, I thought the tube had gone but let me check on Monday and will send it out if it hasn't xx
    Hello Bold, there's a large tube in S2 for you! I will send it down tomorrow. Lotsa love x
    Lol, tell me about it - or not only ignored, but completely taken out of context or twisted. Ha.

    I'm pretty much the same, I have about 2 hours till next yeat. It's crazy! But, like you say, January is slightly less so. It's always brilliant to have this boost now :)

    Are you all ready for Christmas?
    Hey Rinn

    Thank you for the rep - I was starting to think I was talking foreign :o

    Hopw you're well? :)
    I'm definitely in the festive spirit! Or do I mean I've drunk the festive spirit? Last week was a busy one for me, with all the usual things plus what turned out to be a 9 hour Neal's Yard party, and then 2 days in Sheffield. Back in time for daughter's birthday on Sat, then shopping yesterday.
    How many do you have round the table on the day? I hope you get lots of help, at least with the washing-up! Are you hoping for a nice pressie from hubby? I've asked for a helicopter ride, but Peter looked unimpressed about it....
    Mum is 99 tomorrow, so big day for her xxx
    Hi Rinn! Poor you....I prescribe lots and lots of mulled wine, with a little brandy mixed in. Remember to complete the whole course; take 3 times a day for 4 weeks.
    Please may I borrow a pair of those knickers? We're off to Sheffield for our niece's wedding at the end of the week. It could be freezing in the church.....actually if you have 2 pairs hubby would be grateful.
    I cut down quite a bit on Christmas presents a few years ago when hubby was made redundant. It had got to a daft stage (neighbours, their children, their children's children!) Just buy for family, very close friends and Peter now. We do have a lot of birthdays in December too! Mum is 99 next Tuesday!
    Time for you to have another dose of the medicine........ xxx
    Hi Susan, was that parcel number 2? I can't remember what was in each one now. Let's hope it's parcel number one though that's finally made it to you!x
    Thanks for the Rep, and a personal congratulations from me on your recent appointment!
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