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  • OH MY GULAY! The "if your nails look like this..." album had me rolling on the floor :lol: thanks for sharing! xx
    I don't understand why they don't just say they are cuz they clearly are :lol: There's pictures of him speaking and teaching at ON seminars... cwazyy!!
    I don't know if you know, but i did a bit of snooping. Greg is an affliate of Organic Nails. Young Nails and Organic Nails are pretty much the same company :) So there we go! Answers why the packaging is similar, right? xx
    Same here I've always got enough and mine have not been effected too much either. Am thinking about doing some teaching quals this year to broaden my horizons and share my vast knowledge LOL. More like thinking about getting too old for this lark! xxx
    Thanks for the rep my darling, that was very kind of you. How you doing, business good I hope? xxx
    Awww thanks for posting that lovely. I absolutely love that passage they read it at my grandad's funeral some fifteen years ago my dad chose it for him as he wasn't a religious man but it seemed so apt. Thank you for reminding of the words hun means alot.
    Love to you x x x
    He he he!! :lol: ... saw on the website they do "shellac"... but they don't have Shellac it's obviously another product... so many salons claiming to do Shellac when they don't!
    Cheers for the rep always appreciated. thought all you Oirish had the Blarney though ;)
    Hey send me the link will you... I'm a nosey wagon :lol:

    The pic theif said she didn't know what we were talking about, but she removed every stolen picture, so that says it all... I've had more pics taken since so had to delete all of my albums on here and fb and put them up again with a watermark on them this time... very sad doing that cause I lost all of the lovely comments geeks had made over the years :'(
    Yes I've noticed too. I guess there's only so many "help my shellac chipped" questions people can take!
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