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  • Oh sounds awful. Hope you get better soon!xx If it's one of those hacking coughs, an asthma inhaler helps. As for forums... yea. Those mods need a trophy :lol:
    Hi Susan! Yes I'm ok, thank you. Just been a bit busy, and a tad bit bored of forums. How are you?
    Hmmm, I'll try not to lol. Mind you, I dont work Sundays so maybe on a Saturday night.
    I dont think either of you took much persuading lol
    ah that's great. well i hope the till was ker chinging for you . have fun and enjoy!
    I've just realised this is what the girls were talking about in Creative on Friday ... check this out...

    They were advrtising on DealRush.ie and advertising it for "Shellac lovers", so they were told to remove that as they aren't allowed mention Shellac, but I'm not sure if there's anything that can be done about them ... looks like they're even going to the Beauty Show.. can you believe that??... they have some nerve, I'll give them that!!
    Hi... if you see anything like that the girls in Creative would be grateful if you tell them. You can send an email if you don't want to phone. xxx
    I cant think of anything worse to do, I dont like football, or is it rugby? I'm going to look at things for my beauty room today, I have so many ideas running round in my head. Have a good day x
    good morning, I have only just got after our night on th tiles, I mean night playing the word association game. hope you feel ok this morning x
    ok well i'm the mammy with short dark red hair with blonde front (obviously trying to be young ---- ger) Looking forward to meeting you properly. :)
    :lol:... I'll be the one with the biggest gob!! (seriously, I never shut up) .. I'm Karen with the short blonde bob ;)
    Yes, I'll either be doing Shellac or Minx demos, so come over and say hello (don't worry if there's loads of people around watching me demo.. just give me a tap on the shoulder.. I'll be delighted to see you)
    If I told you I'd have to kill you :lol: .... only messin'... nothing new that I know of I'm afraid.
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