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  • Hey missus, bump coming along well, I'm feeling yuck lol! I'm just over 13 weeks... roll on May I say!! I hear congrats are in order missus! Well done you. Bet you're chuffed to bits xxx hope you're ok much love xxx
    Hey, that's so weird; I was thinking of messaging you when your message popped up! Ah, that's so sweet about your youngest.....
    I'm OK, thanks, especially after 3 days away with hubby, the longest we've been away in 5 years! We couldn't actually hear each other of course, as we went to a T Rex tribute concert on the first night and were very close to the speakers....
    I'm starting as a Neal's Yard consultant - basically party plan. The paperwork looked a bit overly complex at first, but I'm looking forward to the hands-on stuff.
    Are you missing your daughter a lot? I guess she'll be heading into summer ....get yourself over there! xxx
    I just had a mad panic trying to find how you messaged me so I've been looking on Facebook, personal facebook, twitter, SG pm and then remembered they were visitor messages . My flights are car park are book, I've paid extra to be able to bring 20kg but I'm still going to have to be sensible packing as when I went over for the prequalification day, just my kit and one day of clothes was 17kg!! Xx
    I wish your daughter Bon Voyage; this must be a big moment for you, too. (Btw, you're missing a trick with hair thing - get her to do it several times, then it will last till you go over there for a hol:confused: )
    Lots of probs with Mum.....had to have a straight chat with her yesterday, and she gave me my marching orders(!), but I had a message from the home today to say she needs me back, so I'll go tomorrow and hopefully things will get better!
    Onwards and upwards.... xxx
    I'll be landing in Dublin at 1650 so will need the Tuesday night too, but my email says we all have to arrive Tues (evening is fine) ready to start on the Weds. Also, if you quote Sweetsquared on the booking we get a discounted rate xxx
    Nope I believe your the 1st :)

    Sorry late reply, so many replies to do went crazy last few days lol x
    Hi Rinn! Wow you are a busy lady.....what energy! Glad business is doing so well, but that doesn't just happen by luck.
    I've had a summer of painting bits and pieces which I hope to sell to get some Christmas money. Back with my pupils next week, too. I'm going to Beauty North, so I may start back on some avenue of beauty.
    It really all depends on how things go with Mum. She is moving into a residential home on Sunday, and if she settles I need to clear and sell her bungalow to fund it. The payment arrangements are horrendous here, the council also take all her pension from her! They don't contribute anything if you've lived in your own home, not been on benefits etc....I think she feels very demeaned by the whole financial process. Oh well,
    Anyway onwards and upwards!
    Have a good weekend. No use my saying don't work too hard, 'cos I know you will! xxx
    So glad you had fun. Two weeks in Spain sounds like heaven.

    I haven't had a chance to 'get away from it all. Maybe one day I'll be able to retire. Then I'm going to EU to visit all my geeky friends! :hug"
    Hope you had such a good hol that you ca't remember much about it!
    (PS I now realsie that you didn't mean to leave me and D'Nana at the airport. You innocently made a mistake when you told us the flight was 2 hours later than it was, and I suppose we were a bit heavy to lift out from under the bar...)
    Cheers for the rep! Oh and that's short for reputation not the respite whilst you were on holiday :wink2: although that was appreciated too!
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