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    any ideas please

    hi , i have some client after care advice cards but they are stuffy and would like to make a new one .any one got any ideas and what would you suggest i write on it thanks lisaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :D
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    Grapes of wrath

    :D god they are the dogs gonads..love them.hope to be capable to that one day.you give me insperation ..can't spell.x lisaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :biggrin:
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    What got you into NAILS???

    my story .. worked in a smelly kitchen for ten years knew the woman who had the nail salon. she said one day she had had enough ,so i just said i'll buy it off her ..... went and did the course and the rest is history...if only it was that easy . i was lucky to have been taught by a good...
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    My winning nails

    congrats they are fab. you must be very proud.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx :biggrin:
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    northen lights

    night night . did not realise they did there own acrylics thought they only did that nice top coat ,i like living on planet zog xx. need to get with it . i know the golden rules of not mixing one lot of products with someone elses. sorry that was a dim thing to ask . i am going to bed...
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    northen lights

    can any monomer be used with northen light acrylic.can i use retention+.. it looks like a fab acrylic can't wait to try it xxxxxxxxxxxxx :green:
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    Meeting up at olympia? moved to Chit Chat

    hey can we get merry.xxlook forward to meeting you xxxxxxxxxxxxxoh just to let you know before hand what i look like . i look like a mad woman...vouge have yet to sign me up so don't be stunned by my looks ha ha .xxsense of houmor is essensialxxxx p.s hope you all gathered by now that i am welsh...
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    i got to say i think you could be right because i did have a bad start to the brush as it would not train and tapper it's self for me . lets be honest maybe i ####ed it up.... he he. i think when i buy the new heads i'll get some one other than my self at the show to make sure the gum is out of...
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    average salonprices

    hi i charge 50 euros for french L&P charge from 30 euros for infill charge from 40 euros for rebalance charge 38 euros for overlays natural or french charge 14 euros file and french polish charge 10 euros plain polish charge 18 euros basic manicure with polish charge 24...
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    this may sound crap but i only bought it 3 and a half months ago . norm i get about 6 months but is it because i am using it a lot more .i never thought that it would be my brush cause it's so new ish .... i think i'll buy 4 new heads ..... thanks xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxi am bringing my camera to have...
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    Meeting up at olympia? moved to Chit Chat

    i would like a badge or and t shirt i will be there on monday at about 11 ish so can i give you the money and collect it from you there as i think it will take too long to post it out here also it's not reliable .xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :lol:
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    creative........................................simply are the best
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    help ..i dont know what the hell i am doing or if maybe i am just in need of my holiday next week but i am doing something wrong with my acrylic.yes i have been working lots of silly hours trying to fit every one in but i always count my going going gone on my beads but i am getting like a...
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    It's been a while....

    fair do's to you xxxxxlook forward to meeting you .xxxlisaxxxxxxxxxxxx
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    i think it was the cold x . have you been busy mrs geek as you have not been around much. i take it we have lots of new things at olympia. will you be there every day. will geeg be there too.i am going ,and look forward to meeting you and mr geek .see you soon xxxxxxxlisaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx