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  • You know, I think it's a good quality product, I just wish they would give a little more technical information. I think that every tech is different, they just werent my "thing," and I found my niche with CND. Which is why I am mentoring to be an education ambassador with them :) So you may see me in your area with available classes this year ;)
    Ha ha i do the same thing- I need to check in more often I think lol ;)
    I have used no lift primer, EZ Flow, a little bit of Young Nails, NSI, IBD, and Backscratchers just to name a few. I went CND Exclusive about 5 years ago and haven't looked back! As for which monomer I like better, I like ALL of them. They all serve a need for different clients! Retention + is for those clients prone to lift, Radical is for those that are tough on your nails, and Moxie is a faster set liquid monomer with superb clarity ;) And no, I have not used primer in quite some time now :)
    I am in Grand Junction, CO :) I use CND products exclusively (for about 5 years now), and have been doing nails professionally since 1996 :) How about you?
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