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    How many businesses are closing due to Coronavirus?

    We haven't been told to do this - yet - but people are working from home, not going out etc - our bookings have dropped drastically. Lots of redundancies in all sectors and many businesses on the brink of closing down. This is London. Streets feel quite empty. What is it like for others?
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    Microneedling-do you do it and is it popular?

    Hi, its still only moderately popular but my whole business is simply not that busy. I do think its more to do with other factors incl lack of marketing due to focussing efforts elsewhere, than anything else. Its an absolutely brilliant treatment though!
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    Mixing wax brands (Lycon + cheaper brand)

    My understanding is that for it to be like honey; the wax ends up being too hot. If it were any cooler, its too thick and hard to spread. This is from a new therapist who just joined us (well experience though). My other waxer hasn't said this. I always just like to double check things as its...
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    Commission on courses

    That's what I thought we should be doing. But there is a difference in opinion here. Hence keen to hear some opinions. Anyone else?
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    New regulations for filler injections

    A different POV from someone doing this.... - definitely agree that not all doc/dentists/nurses should be doing it. Not because of technicality - but because aesthetic sense is an art - I recently had a pharmacist who started training other pharmacists and was trying to recruit me as a...
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    Topical anesthetic

    I use a rather expensive but really good made to order German cream. It goes on clear and a very thin layer so a little goes a long way. It also means that they can sit in reception without looking ridiculous (I even walked 15 mins from one clinic to another with cream on - no strange looks)...
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    Micro needling anaesthetic cream

    Depending on how deep you go. We offer mini micro - around 0.25 which requires no anaesthesia. We then also do proper micro - going as deep as 2.5 for pitted acne scarring, but mostly 1.75 being the upper limit (its a dr based practice) - definitely needs anaesthetic cream. I frequently also...
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    Mixing wax brands (Lycon + cheaper brand)

    A new therapist who just joined told me that in her previous place, they used to mix Lycon with a cheaper brand - and ended up having a really excellent wax. She finds ours to be too hot for the same amount of runny-ness (we use Hive). We do get complaints every so often that our wax is too hot...
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    Commission on courses

    Keen to hear from both business owners and therapists... Say someone came in for a treatment that they saw on Treatwell which is already a bit discounted. They loved the treatment and therapist has now succeeded in upselling to a course of 3. Would the course of 3 include the treatment they...
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    Client filed a case against us

    Hah! Didn't realise you can do searches for this kind of thing. I'll definitely look into it. I once took on a barrister who I thought was being rather unfair (with the advise off an ex-bf who's a rather clever solicitor) so I'm looking to challenge this. We're now at mediation stage so I'm...
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    Treatments for staff

    We offer 70% off treatments as a rough guide to encourage the staff to take advantage of it. Occasionally free in exchange for social media pics/videos if they are willing. We do lunch break and days off. For off peak times or if they want to book a treatment in formally, we do ask that they pay...
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    Client filed a case against us

    I can see that that's the best way for us moving forward. How many of you actually do it though? I keep thinking that its like going to have a simple haircut/wax etc and having to fill tons of paperwork. I feel its really off putting. Or am I simply being fussy and this is actually what happens...
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    Client filed a case against us

    One of those 'this shouldn't be happening' scenarios. Client books for a course of 6; decides they don't want to continue after 2 and asking for a refund. We are happy to refund her the remaining 4 but will bill the first 2 as full priced treatments. Common to everyone I think and only fair...
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    High employee turnover?

    Feel strongly about adding my 2 cents here.... I've struggled to keep staff- mostly reception - for quite awhile. On the other hand, my beauty staff do ok and back of house or other stay extra and work because of love for the job. So I didn't think it was the job per se. I always do exit...
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    I’m pregnant, how do I do this?

    Talk to a few apprenticeship firms out there. You bring up some really valid points. Not sure about the legalities. I have experience of apprentices for receptionist roles and the companies that source them can be quite helpful. Beauty schools might be an idea. Have something formally drawn out...