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    Inspiration Needed - Personal Profile

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    Very Reasonably Priced Printing

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    Herstmonceaux - East Sussex (Mobile Tech Needed)

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    Reverse French Manicure - advice please

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    Creative Super Shiney

    Hi, Super Shiney is normally purple, however, I once bough some from Creative and it was a pinky very pale purple colour. River
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    bullion beeds

    Wow, I liked the scorpion ! Very nice. How do you work with Bullion Beads, they look so fiddly !! River
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    Do many guys do this...??

    Hi, Welcome to the site. Yes, there are quite a few men who are nail technicians. Some of the really big names like Samual Sweet, Leighton Denny, Tom Holcombe to name but a few are all men ! We have quite a few Geeky men on here as well :) River
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    Multiple Treatments

    Damn, that slap hit me right on the back of my head. You need to work on your aim :lol: :lol: Do you think the SolarOil will work then ? River
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    Multiple Treatments

    In that case, why am I being slapped !! :lol: River
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    Any alternative to Kolinsky brushes?

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    no reply for nail academy!

    Hi Lisa, I'm not sure what Academy you are talking about as there are two that I'm aware of. I am only familiar with the one and they DO NOT have a good reputation. Have a look at the attached thread...
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    Multiple Treatments

    Just taking a stab in the dark here, but would covering the nails in SolarOil not work as a barrier before Spray Tanning .... ? River
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    Any alternative to Kolinsky brushes?

    Hi, I've had a response back from Rosemary, however, she can only speak for the materials that she uses for her brushes. The answer is a bit vague, but given the one statement she makes, I'm inclined to believe that perhaps the animals are killed..... I could be wrong. I did reply back...
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    Gel - Lifting around cuticles?

    No worries Katy. Why don't you complete your profile so that we can learn a bit more about you :hug: River
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    Geek Calendar

    Babes, I'm not upset, I was pulling your leg :lol: :lol: It's that warped sense of humour again. So did you manage to break the calendar then ??? River