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    I was researching safe baby products and came across this website which also has specific Skincare for eczema Hopefully it works and helps u all out there! :)
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    Livid with Sweet Squared!

    I've had no joy either, was a bit "computer says no" was told: 1) Non in stock 2) Scottish distributor do not post anything out you have to go there in person 3) No timescale as to when the new product will be available Oh well :(
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    Rose gold colour needed with Shellac

    Have u got Brisa Lite smoothing gel? I've mixed antique bronze and haute pink additives into the gel to create a rose gold. :)
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    Liquid jewel nail art?

    It's when you use Shellac to create a jewel/cabochon effect Have a look at this YouTube clip I found
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    Konad-all you need to know and your favourite pics!

    I love your work! Can I ask what polish u use to stamp with particular the turquoise/blue? Thanks :)
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    Does anyone have the answer?

    I think someone posted pic previously of holographic nail varnish I believe it is Layla Hologram Effect Nail Polish. I think salon geek Bry T sells them? See swatches here:
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    What nails are you sporting today?

    Cerulean Sea with konad stamp :)
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    Alternatives to bread, pasta and potatoes?

    Have a look at at forum called soulcysters very useful info about PCOS on there! :)
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    Alternatives to bread, pasta and potatoes?

    Google low glycemic load foods (NOT glycemic index!) I also have PCOS and found following low glycemic load diet, metformin and regular exercise helped me lose weight. PCOS makes you insulin resistant hence the metformin helps and low glycemic load foods take less insulin to break down. :)
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    Trying to lose weight with polycystic ovaries!

    You need to look at low gylcemic load foods which works out how much insulin it takes to break down foods, basically anything with gylcemic load of 8-10 or less is good (NOT low GI as this is now out of date, a food with low GI may not necessarily be low on the Glycemin load) this helps with...
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    LED light therapy/Omnilux does anyone do these treatments?

    I've had Omnilux treatments and trained to use it in salons I've worked for very easy machine to use. I love Omnilux, feels like u are lying on the beach in the sun for 20mins (without the nasty side affects of UV lol!) it is a very intense red light but u get used to it very quickly, it also...
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    Need two beauty students in Leeds! For A1 assessors course

    If you contact your local colleges in the first instance and see if they have any students who will be doing work experience as part of their beauty course. Although I'm qualified in NVQ3 beauty (I do beauty evenings and weekends from home salon) I did my A1 assessors course through my day...
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    Recruitment - driving me mad

    It is a nightmare when you go to all that trouble to arrange interviews/trade tests and they dont confirm or turn up! You could try approaching colleges near by, speak to the beauty tutors and ask them if they have any "top NVQ3 students" they would reccommend to you (although the new...
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    Bad blackheads - Priori?

    Yes PRIORI AHA products are great for your skin type as they contain Lactic acid which will gently help to exfoliate your skin on a daily basis without being to harsh. (they also do a nice AHA scrub but I actually prefer the Vitage micro polish which is another brand under the Cosmeceuticals...
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    Facial suncream

    Daily Defense SPF 30 - PRIORI Skincare Cosmeceuticals - advanced skincare science. Skin Defence SPF30