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  • Hiya. Am not doing Neals Yard anymore, only through my website. Currently looking for a new range. They don't supply direct to salons, you become a consultant, which worked really well for me, and I used it for facials. I love the stuff, but they don't like you to kepp stock. I found that clients like to buy something there and then rather than order from the catalogue. Loads of therapists use it though. The kit is about £95 I think and has some really nice stuff in, but not everything you will need for a full facial for each skin type. Good luck if you go gor it.
    Hiya! I'm still liking the A-Tan, haven't found one that beats it in my opinion, got some more samples of Nouvatan to try out this weekend.. not keen on Organics but think it was too dark for me... what % have you tried that is not dark enough? they do 18% and booster drops! lol... makes you wonder what these clients want to end up looking like eh? x
    yes give it a try as has darker colours too, yes i spray once then turn down gun and go lighter on hands and face, then do a wee all over spritz, it dries very quickly!! and a lot of clients say how much they love this and it got a nice light feel on skin, yes i have a wee salon nearly two years now
    they are fantastic, ive been with them 2 years, the customer service from is fantastic, i always ring up my order to les and have a chat about whats doing well and not - they listen to feedback and was chatting fran the other day and she gave me some good tips.

    The products do really well for me - i have fair medium and dark - i do well with tans and now have the retails range which is selling well - i find cost wise its really good value -

    You dont here as much about this company as some of the others with all the marketing hype - thats what you are paying for with the more expensive ones, im the only one with it in my area and im thrilled with it.

    are you just starting out yourself and looking at tan samples?
    hi love, I dont think they trade anymore as could'nt find them on ebay! just look for a uk seller, who sells a lot of them and offers some kind of warranty and has good feedback. Yeah still use it all the time honestly after using it 3 times u notice a difference! hth xx
    Hey Rockchic that's better can see your reply! Well done keep going M8 it quiet times buut your new so you'll get der. Salon is so-so just about ticking over but I cant complain. Gonna have a launch nite of new products mid feb so focusing on that.
    Stop the lights your salon is gorg and if you had the same unit yours wud too - I got lucky with the big windows!
    hun i just wanted to say thank u soooo much for your wonderfull positive comments, u have brought atear to my eye and a glimpse of hope. I love ya hun night night xxx
    Thanks for the offer red very kind of you. i'm workin next tues and i'm grand anyway hun. Out all guns blazing this week with flyers and stuff. thanks again. how are you keeping¬?
    Hey! how's you? I might pop up and visit ya if you dont mind nxt tue and maybe I can offer a lil help what do ya think?
    Hey, Chin up im open 2 and a half years now and i may aswell not have bothered opening the salon this week as it is DEAD!!!!! id say i have had 3 clients all week im hoping it will start picking up as im going doing loads of offers on wraps facials etc just to get people through the door and keep my bills paid, its hard work having a business thats for sure xxx
    thanks samantha bit worried though cause i not really up on nails perphaps i should be doing course in liquid and powder first as i have not done this hun. Sorry feel abit embarrassed. i'm not really up on nails. xx
    Yeah i have to say its really good kel,lovely colour and not at all drying on the skin.mail collin he'll send you a sample no bother. what do you use? i ordered the sienna x to try alot of talk about it to. hope its nice. xx
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