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  • Thanks so much 4 da advise, i finally decided da la academy and am starting on da 15th february so excited can't wait now :) wil fill u in on how im getting on
    Hi rockateer im jenny and new to this and saw in a past message that you were asking about make up fablicious and la academy. well i'm thinking about both as well myself and just cant make up my mind. do u no which 1 ur mate went for in da end cz i just make a decision. thanks so much jenny
    Hey Jenn, its going great! all our courses are booking out straight away so thrilled with that! and once our clients try it theyre hooked so its going great in the salon too! Hows things going with you? hows your training ? x

    Thanks for your posts on my laser hair removal equipment thread. Its all a great help in choosing which laser is right for me. I was just wondering if you could possibly help me with a couple of other questions.
    Do you need any additional insurance policies other than public liability for clinics/salons using aesthetic lasers? And is there a particular company you would recommend?

    Any help would be really appreciated.


    No never went and havnt heard from Kim as to when she might have dates for coming over here. Its such a pity the course is so expensive and have to travel over to uk for the training. Kims course sound good and much more affordable!!
    awh thanks, its a nightmare getting it all together but once it all falls into place its worth it! em theres none at the min ha ha, well theres me of course! theres loads that do semi permanent eyelashes but different brands, now we gotta poach them! its the same quality products but literally half the price so fingers crossed! hopefully the training will start people off using the products ya no.. loadsa hard work ahead though!
    Hi are things with you.. yeah its been ages since we chatted! Im glad to hear that you are still making use of the kit, I would still be looking at it in its box admiring the pretty pink colour lol. Are you still in the laser clinic?
    Hey Jen, its going grand! almost finished all the work in the salon, thank god! think we'll get stuck in over the weekend and try just get it all done! hows you? you started your new training?
    Really on my visitor message page it's there on the right hand side. Can you really not see it? Wierd if you don't although I am getting this annoying pop up box saying something like out of line 11 or something maybe it's something to do with that? x
    Duly noted and new photo uploaded so you can see it in my album. Ah but thank you for that, we do get the occasional "are you sisters?" ha ha. Ta for the facebook like, have you sorted one out yet? x
    Ha ha yes you can, thought it was about time to put one up. I'm the one on the left, the girl on the right is my oldest daughter Naomi x
    Hi there. Aha peels are performed on Rejuvi cosmetics. It is an american company specialised in fruit acid treatments. You can check it on I am starting courses in February. If You need more info, just let me know :)

    Really? It's Smooth Medical - Botox and anti-ageing...... something I think ha ha. I know my facebook page so well don't I? I've been liking other geeks page to promote their business too so will return the favour if you ever decide to make a fb page for your business x
    No I didn't want to do the course myself, I was more interested in getting them done myself (as a client)... I rang them to see if there was anyone doing them in Ireland and they said no and once I heard that I was tempted to do them myself, but I'm not a beauty therapist and it's very expensive, so I decided I'd stick to nails! :)
    Hey Jenn.. did you ever do the training for hd Brows by any chance?.. have you any idea where I could get them done?.. are there any salons doing them?
    hi missus....their gas their afraid of the scary costumes yet maybe next year they might be ready to go trick or treating. Did your small man go out
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