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    Rich mahogany brown!

    Take a look at wella colour touch 6/75 it's a beautiful colour, really high shine and you'll really see the tones shine under different lights
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    Colour correction

    I would be more inclined to use colour touch, try 7/89 and maybe add 6/71, you should still get a small amount of natural warmth. So you don't get a flat sludgy colour.
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    Grey toning help

    Also don't forget no conditioner before toning. Always use 1.9% for toning (CT)
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    Colour correction

    It looks like there's a lot of orange undertone there, so you will need blue to counteract this. But this will just leave you with a 6. But if you have a 6 at the root and what looks like a 7 on the ends, it's not creating much contrast, would it be worth lightening the ends to get a Cooler...
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    Lowlights or ?

    I had a client like this! She would insist on having her roots done every 4weeks, and she was only going from a natural 5 to a 6/7, and a few highlights. She would have this done religiously! Then it was inevitable that there was going to be small overlapping every once in a while. Then she hit...
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    Lowlights or ?

    Highlight the root only with lightener, and then either add lowlights in a quasi but I'd go with a 6, because a 7 will wash straight out after a wash or two. Or apply a base colour in between of a quasi colour mix a 6+7, when she comes back in the quasi would have faded off, and she'd have quite...
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    Silver shampoo grabbed on hair

    Clarifying /deep cleansing shampoo will be enough to break down toning shampoo, leave it on for up to a minute
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    Extremely tangled hair - almost dreadlock

    I did a bit research and I think the wet brush has better reviews! And I love the skull pattern ones!
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    Hair complaint help

    I use the auto reply on messenger, it's much easier, mine says something like "thank you for your message, we aim to be as responsive as possible, we'll get back to you soon ."
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    Foils on a 14 year old

    Whether it's a sign of the times or not, you have to be so careful! If that little girl has an allergic reaction, and worse case scenario has an anaphylactic shock, do you think your insurance will cover you? Also her parents probably wouldn't think twice about suing you! So just ask yourself is...
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    Vibrant reds Colour Touch

    I'd take a look at adding 1part 66/45 +1part 55/54 colour touch. Or a favourite of mine is 2parts 66/45 +1part 55/65 but that is more vibrant! Hope this helps
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    Best Wella toner to make level 10 hair honey/golden blonde?

    Take a look at 8/38, 8/7,9/3, 8/3, 9/36 colour touch. Colour touch relight /03 is quite nice too hope this helps
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    Extremely tangled hair - almost dreadlock

    Thank you for your suggestion, I'll take a look, I think a table teaser is a must lol
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    Pearl/Cendre permanent colour

    Take a look at 12/96 koleston perfect Or even 12/16
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    High lift tint help

    I'd I'd say your clients hair is too dark to use highlift tint, and expect a reasonable result. You'd be better off doing a full head bleach highlights lift to at least a 9 if possible and then tone with either colour touch 9/16+10/6 or if the condition is good enough kokeston perfect 2parts...