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    Purple/red to dark brown

    You could go down to a 4 if you felt it would be better, but obviously you will need to increase the amount of mix tone. Can you strand test?
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    Purple/red to dark brown

    55/0 is at least half a shade darker than 5/3
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    White roots

    I would apply something like 99/0 on roots and then add some 8/07 or 8/3 if you want it warmer.
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    Purple/red to dark brown

    Id choose 5/3 because you mentioned violet tones. If you just put green over it you'd still have violet tones. Green only neutralises red.
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    Koleston mix tones

    Yes that's what I would go for, it's easier to add more red thanyit is to take it away if it's too red.
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    Purple/red to dark brown

    The most inexpensive way of doing it would be to deposit colour over the top of the base that your client has. But removing the box dye first will guarantee better results. If you are wanting to neutralise violet and red tones, you will need to use 30g 5/3 + 3g 0/22 if you want to do a base 5.
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    Koleston mix tones

    Usually we do rule of 11 so for every 30g of base 7 you would use 4cm which is 2grams of mix tone. That's would then create 7/45 if you use 0/45, but obviously if you want a subtle red, half the amount of mix tone you put in. So if you use 30g 7/0 +0.5g 0/45 should be fine.
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    Blue black/midnight blue

    Take a look at Wellas new colour create. From past experience using mixer tone on its own on hair that isn't prelightened always leaves you disappointed. The 0/88 mix tone is so dense that you probably won't see it on a base 4. If you can preligten the hair it works much better and then you...
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    Colour has gone really flat-Wella KP

    Follow @Haircutz advice alongside @si_82 and you can't go wrong. Pre pig again with /44 and still add /43 if you're using perfecton. (Trowell dry) Then apply colour touch 5/77 +1.9% and leave for the full 20 mins. This should give you a much better result. Plus don't cry, it's only colour after...
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    Going gray

    I would do as you've suggested lighten as much as you can in very fine sections, close together. While your foils are developing I would apply a toner in between the foils to neutralise existing warmth on the existing base colour. After processing rinse and tone your highlights with an...
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    Colour lifting

    If she's still got patches of a level 2 I would re-do the colour remover, this will ensure you achieve an even result as you will be starting with a more even base. Then you should be good to apply tint. But check the instructions as each product has different re-colouring recommendations.
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    Colour advice

    Lift the rott are with 10/0 and then just tone the roots with 10/6 it shouldn't go pink, you can always do ct 10/6+10/0 but it will obviously take longer to tone.
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    Colour advice

    I would apply kp 10/0 +12% on it and tone with colour touch 10/6 Or if you don't want to leftist anymore then tone the mid lengths down to what the root is probably 8/38+9/97 colour touch
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    Sliver colour

    Probably blue and violet, usually people don't lift the hair enough and put blue based silver colours over yellow hair and are puzzled as to why they're left with a green sludgy grey. I take it schwarzkopf have been clever here and recognised this, and developed a silver/grey toner with the...
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    Relaxer query

    Can you use a mildly oxidising semi permanent/quasi? Like colour touch, because it's still ammonia free and you can use the colour touch plus with the 4% developer and gives good coverage even to resistant whites.