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    Anxiety and work

    If you feel it's getting too much, maybe book a few sessions with a therapist, maybe they can help you develop comping methods, so that when you come across those sticky situations, you will be able to calm yourself down and work through it.
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    Anxiety and work

    I definitely feel your pain! I find myself freaking out every now and again, and it can be over something so little. But unfortunately it's just something we go through, I don't think there's a way of avoiding it, it's just who you are as a person, it clearly means you care about your clients...
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    Extremely dry scalp round the hairline

    Head and shoulders doesn't treat the problem, it actually contains glue like polymers that stick the dry flaky skin down, which is why you don't notice the fall of it. You need a shampoo specifically for dry, flaky scalps. Look for shampoo containing one of the following ingredients: zinc...
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    Baby lights to bright blonde on vulnerable hair

    What condition is the hair in now? Has it been toned? Thinking if the hair is strong enough use bleach and 3%, or you could use 10/0 +12% in foils or paint on whichever you feel is best. Use olaplex if possible to avoid future damage. If the hair has been toned prior to the baby lights then...
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    Bridesmaid hair help

    Id be more inclined to shampoo with a cleansing shampoo, as it looks quite oily, Blowdry with as much body as possible, using thickening products, and then disguise the root with hair fibres or cheaper option would be root touch up spray (let's hope it doesn't rain) and maybe bring the top...
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    Castor oil disaster: what happened?

    You need a chelating shampoo or just go for the simple but effective washing up liquid, to break down the oils that your hair and scalp are coated in, and then look at a volumising shampoo and conditioner / or thickening shampoo and conditioner. And volumising products. Nioxin is great for...
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    Philip Schofield white

    Yes the white bits will just stay white and the darker bits will lift much lighter, creating a more even base for you to tone, I'd look at colour touch 10/81 +10/6 or maybe koleston 10/16 to tone with
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    Best grey toner to use

    After you've lifted out the unwanted warmth, you'll need to tone out the underlying yellow first, take a look at colour touch 10/6 (don't panic if you get a slight lilac hue) then do your root smudge with colour touch 7/89 +6/1 equal amounts +1.9% on roots, Blending in to colour touch 8/81 +9/16...
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    Client wanting blonde to a copper

    Pre pig definitely! Then I'd use a quasi to deposit as much tone as possible, take a look at colour touch 7/43 +77/44
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    Philip Schofield white

    Why don't you bleach it up, will lift easy enough and then tone with the likes of colour touch 10/6 that will give you the perfect white
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    Grey toning help

    It is, realistically no matter what you put over pre lightened hair will never be permanent. Even if you used illumina, or koleston it's not going last any longer, and it just causes more damage. What is the condition of your hair like?
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    Bleach blonde to ash blonde?

    The reason you're getting khaki hues is because there is still too much underlying yellow, grey colours are generally blue or green ash based, so adding blue or green to yellow leaves you with green hues. But if you neutralise the yellow first, when you use your green and blue toned ashes...
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    Bleach blonde to ash blonde?

    Try using either 10/6 or 9/16 with either 8/81 or 7/89 +1.9% Or Illumina 8/69+7/81 pastel?
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    Wella metallic formulas

    Kp 30g 6/41 + 2g 0/81 = metalic red KP innosence 10/95 for slight pink hue? Colour touch 2pats 8/81+10/6 1part is a lovely light silver. Colour touch 30g 9/16 + 0.5g 0/86mix tone = lilac Silver blue - illumina 15g 10/36+0.5g kp 0/28 I would strand test first as I haven't tried one or two of...
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    Grey toning help

    Do you double tone? Maybe look at 10/6 +1.9% first then toning with 8/81+1.9% 1.9% is the best developer to use for depositing colour, anything higher is opening the cuticle higher than is needed making the hair more porous. Do you do a cleansing shampoo before toning?