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    I need colour help

    So basically she wants to go lighter? Just do a scatteringyof blondor and maybe 1.9% just to give 1-2 levels of lift across the parting and through the sides, either weaves and close together or fine slices. Then tone all over with colour touch 10/6 +1.9% will give a lovely clean blonde, without...
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    Check the porosity of her hair. The purple that you're using could be too dense. Or the other suggestion would be to make sure you tone out the underlying tones first, then apply your target shade. If the hair is still yellow or orange, the amount of violet in the colour might not be enough to...
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    Ginger roots

    6.0on roots, I think 6.1 will be too flat. Prepig your ends with copper first. Good luck :)
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    How to achieve this-please advise

    Colour touch 6/71 +1.9% on roots, Blending it in to colour touch 2 parts 10/6 + 1parts 10/81 +1.9% Good luck :)
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    Going darker

    Just remind her also that her white root will be more obvious as it comes through :) good luck :)
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    Lightening help?

    As a professional, you are the one who needs to make the recommendations, not the client. If your client says "this is what I want" you say "okay that is achievable /okay thats not achievable" they don't get to tell us how to do our job! If you lightened it with anything other than bleach it...
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    Hair colour advice

    6/16 illumina is a lovely colour, but I'm not sure it's dark enough to create the look your client is trying to achieve. Maybe 5/81 illumina would be better with pastel developer.
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    Hair colour advice

    4/71 is colour touch, so it should be mixed with 1.9% because you're depositing
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    Hair colour advice

    Yes I'd use colour touch 4/71 for the very root, going in to 4/71+6/71 and then tone the lighter pieces with something like 8/71 +9/16. Just remind your client that the quality of her hair is not the same as the target picture. And the texture is also very different! People always seem to want...
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    Colour help

    I would use colour touch 5/66 on roots. Then you could either dilute colour touch relights 0/56 in to 0/00 which allows you to create all different intensities of pink. Or the pink dream instamatics is a very pale pink, but I've always found it doesn't last long.
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    Which technique to use?

    I d I'd something very similar to this last week. I used koleston perfect 4/0 on the roots and dragges it down in to v shaped sections, randomly. But still sections the top like you would for a parting of foils, that way whatever you do it will fall evenly on both sides. Then I used koleston...
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    Ombre price help please

    If she's looking for a real copper tone consider using colorissimo HLC it's and amazing bright copper and it lifts really well, no need to bleach and tone. Just a suggestion, making it quicker and more cost effective
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    Mix tone and Colour Touch Plus

    Rule of thumb is that you can't use mix tones with colour touch plus. But I have and it works for me.
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    Colouring help please

    I usually use blue and violet to create grey. I find /1 is quite green after a few washes. Take a look at colour touch 7/89 with 10/0 to dilute. Or even 8/81 +9/16.
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    Colouring help please

    If you put the grey lilac toner on yellow hair, it will neutralise the yellow, but wont give much of a grey tone, you should really pre tone first, then layer a grey toner on top.