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    Stylist bonus incentive schemes

    Any salon owners use a quarterly bonus scheme, looking to introduce in the new year to reward staff and encourage less absence and more product selling etc. Anyone use any bonus schemes that work? Thanks
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    Colour dispensary?

    Totally agree, just want to tidy up the staff area, my rep is sorting me out some storage so I'll see what turns up in my order
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    To bleach or not to bleach?

    Wouldn't touch it with bleach, or hi lift for that matter. Why oh why would anyone bleach their hair at home, I would suggest she works on the condition and then maybe tones and then work on regrowth once you have a decent amount through so as not to over lap. Tell her it's s long process before...
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    Colour dispensary?

    Can I ask what tint tube storage set up you have at work, any photos welcome. Would appreciate some inspiration, always feels like such a mess in the staff room and no room for a colour bar on salon floor. Thank you
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    Staff sick please help!

    Yes but not regularly enough, thank you I'll contact acas and get something in place!
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    Staff sick please help!

    In all honesty my contracts are out of date and this particular member of staff came as a junior and hasn't got one. I know this probably isn't great but I've been in business for a long time just haven't needed them till now!
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    Staff sick please help!

    I have asked before about this but need legal advice on how to deal with a member of staff who is always of sick randomly. I can't take anymore and need to take steps to either get rid of her or change her attitude (which I'm sceptical about!). Any advice would be appreciated, I'm at the end of...
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    Hairpiece for bride?

    Thank you [emoji106]
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    Hairpiece for bride?

    Any bridal stylists out there can help please?
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    Hairpiece for bride?

    Hi all Can anyone recommend where I can get a natural hairpiece for a bride with short hair that wants a big messy low bun? She is id very light (toned with dialight 10.12) Thanks
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    Where can I get blond swatches to have a play with colour?

    That's great thank you [emoji106]
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    Owners, pension advice needed please

    Anyone set up there staff with a pension scheme they could recommend? Thanks
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    Where can I get blond swatches to have a play with colour?

    Hi guys, other than buying full hair pieces does Anyone know of where I can get decent blond swatches to have a play around with colour. Seen Sophia Hilton using them and they look pretty good
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    Thinking of selling my business

    Hi guys anyone sold a salon but carried on in the industry one way or another? Love my job, just sick of being a boss now, too many sick stylists and had enough really! Would appreciate to speak to anyone who has experience of anything like this m. Thanks
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    "Fed up" owners group

    Just a combination of things, lots of sick days being one of them. But had staff training today for 3 hrs, admittedly on their day off but I don't often ask them to come in and I struggle to find a slot in the week to book in training. It had been booked in for months and I get a text at 10pm...