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  • Hi, just been reading your complete blog I wish I was back doing mine. I had my day 16 ITEC yesterday. Eek, very scary day but so glad I did it. Now it's a waiting game for the results. Can't wait to read more of your blog :) Vicki x
    How was yesterday?! Oh that's cool, I'm hoping I wont have too much trouble with models, but it's not so easy when it's a weekday. Good job that was ok, what a pain to get ket down! I think Geeg mentioned they'll do BL Smoothing when you do the Shellac day! *fingers crossed*. Me too, though I can't find any info on S2 regarding Minx training. It's getting closer to pedi season, so would be a good one to do as soon as you can. xx
    Wow how long would it take you to travel. Didn't realise all the academy's were not ITEC places too. X
    You will be fine. I'm at the Manchester academy, my educator Sarah is amazing. Where are you doing yours?
    Hi Sorry I've just seen you posted a comment on my blog. It's a lot of work I'm not going to lie. I struggle with timings, not the fastest tool in the box :(
    I'm the only one in my group that has gone to do the ITEC. It's included so why not? Oops pressed post.
    My file is a foot thick and I feel like my brain is swamped but I wouldn't swap it for anything. Including 3 hour theory exam :Scared:
    Vicki c
    Oh I didn't realise, I thought we use models on day 4? I could probably get away with a few layers of base and topcoat then. Mine are rather stained an in need of protection! Hope you have fun today! I'm hoping by the time I start mine Brisa Lite will be included. xx
    Same, it's so tough! Oh, how comes? I assumed when doing the theory side, like business and history, wearing polish wouldn't be a problem? I'm kind of scared to leave my nails bare, they need the extra protection. I feel your pain lol!
    Thanks! Haha does it show? ;) Though I'm getting a bit worried I wont end up using much of it once I'm doing Shellac. I'm trying not to buy any more, as I'm saving for Complete, but I had a bad week this week and made a rather large order; whoops! xx
    Thanks for your comment hun! I just read your blog and it's great to get an idea of what to expect! Please keep it up *hugs* xx
    Thats fine. I completed my CND Complete with Kate in August and its a good course...hard work but worth it. I was completely new too. Had varnishes but I'm now a complete Shellac addict. If you need any help or advice just let me know xx
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