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  • Hi ya Hun,
    Not sure if u still come on here.
    Just wanted to say hi and see how u been hope salons going well for u!
    Claire xx
    hey hunnio....
    i love the fact iv e got the net at work.... altho geeking can be too addictive!
    the Sam b class is this coming Sunday.... its not too late if you still want to come i have a few places left
    is it better to email you at [email protected] ???
    ill send the info when i get back home as im just leaving the salon
    Jess xox
    hiya.... i really must pop over to your salon
    things are good atm for me... ive got a fab lady renting from me and she is a real godsend
    plus my classes are really picking up so im expecting a v busy summer
    just had a thought.... ive got a class coming up in a few weeks you mite be interested in.... its a sam biddle fantasy/design class which isnt brand led (so you can use your cnd or whatever you have ;)).... if you want any info i can email it over :D
    spk soon....Jess xox
    hi ya, hope ur ok was good to see ya the other nite. must apologise was abit tipsy.
    you looked really well.
    take care.
    hi ya mate,
    hope you had a nice christmas!
    i must pop up and see your new salon hope everythings going well for you.
    love claire miles
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