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    Doing a Geek's Nails....

    LMAO!!! Yes, we did have fun didnt we! I think as geeks ourselves and being so accustomed to doing clients (and ourselves) in our own way - it makes it really hard to break the habits you've formed as a tech. Like, I found it brutually hard to keep my fingers on top of your hand. As a tech I...
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    Pedi Question

    Ok, so I got my pedi stuff in today and I'm wondering about something. My pedi slippers and toe seperators... can they be used with different clients if I clean and sanitize them in between uses or should each client have their own pair of slippers and toe seperators and never be shared...
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    Pedicures, Disinfectant Q.

    I use Cavicide to disinfect all my mani tools and files. Can I use that as well for my foot bath? I found a site that says I can, but I wanted to ask you geeks and see if this is indeed true.
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    Pedicures, Disinfectant Q.

    Hi Geeks, I have a quick question. I've finally decided (after months of contemplation and a number of lost potential clients, lol) that I'm going to start doing pedicures. My biggest question right now is what is the best cleaner / disinfectant for my foot bath to use after I've finished my...
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    So livid...

    Ok, so here's the deal. The other day I had a woman call me wanting an appointment for her and her friend. So, my clients came this morning, their appointment was for 9am... oooh, they were something else. 2 old ladies. By the time they get here, stop talking, fill out their consultation forms...
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    Intense Seal... Intense Pain in the Butt!!

    I don't think my lamp is my problem, I have no problem curing gel nails at all. I did my own gel nails yesterday and they came out completely cured and beautiful. The problem seems to lie with the actual Intense Seal itself. I'm so sad I could cry...lol. I just LOVE the glass finish it leaves on...
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    Intense Seal... Intense Pain in the Butt!!

    I've been using IBD's Intense Seal for a while now, and rarely have problems with it. However, for the past two weeks no matter WHAT I do (be it gel, acrylic, natural nails, nail polish or any form of art) the Intense Seal peels off in less than 24 hours!! I don't get it. I've never seen...
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    Re - Yellow Pages

    I am also in the yellow pages and so far it seems my own advertising is bringing in more clients than the yellowpages. But I've only been in there for about 3 months so I won't say it's not worth it. Not yet. Give me another 9 months and I'll let you know, lol.
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    Almond Spa Manicure - Questions

    Morning Geeks, I'm planning on offering the CND Almond SpaManicure in my salon in a few weeks. I've watched the CND video, but I'm still left with a few questions. Silly as they may be. First (and obviously most important) is what is the average price range? What should I be charging...
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    Clients that smoke!

    Oh no, she doesn't smoke in my house. I'm a smoker myself - but the rule in my house is No Smoking. Even myself, when I smoke I go outside. I have kids and I may be dumb enough to smoke, but I wont subject the rest of my family to the toxins. Even my hubby doesnt smoke - so it's 3 against 1... I...
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    Thanks for the add hun!

    Thanks for the add hun!
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    Swine Flu

    Very true given that the mortality rate for regular influenza is only 0.1% (according to medicinenet.com)
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    Swine Flu

    Agreed!! My 2 boys are 6 years old and 10 months old.. so needless to say I'm concerned for their health and safety. So far there is somewhere over 2,000 suspected cases worldwide according to the CDC. Doesnt seem like a lot in a world of 6.77 billion people... but the CDC is saying that Swine...
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    Swine Flu

    Your probably right. Normally I just pass off stuff like this (like the SARS issue we had a few years back) - but I don't know - I just have a REALLY bad feeling about this one. I mean let's face it, I live in the boonies and very few people around here actually travel, and there is no cases...
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    Swine Flu

    With all this talk in the news lately about Swine Flu and how potentially deadly it seemingly is - I find myself nervous and a little apprehensive about having clients come to my home. Needless to say I'm not about to shut down my business over it (as there is no confirmed cases in Quebec yet)...